Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paige

Even though the post says April ll, 2008, it is 12:30 AM in Upstate New York. Today, April 12, is my daughter, Paige's, birthday. Here is my birthday greeting for her.

Dear Paige,

I remember so clearly the day you were born. You were born by Cesarean section. Both your grandmothers and your Namma came from Pennsylvania for the occasion. Grandma Wolfanger and Namma were praying for a girl, I know. Dad and I were praying for you. We didn't know what your gender would be, but we prayed for you; for all the aspects of your life. And we prayed for ourselves. We wanted to be the best parents we could possibly be for you.

I know you've heard this story before, but I need to tell you again. I had a spinal for the surgery, but I had something to make me drowsy. My first look at you was pure joy. There you were wrapped in a pink blanket with a halo around your head. I may have been a littly groggy, but I know what I saw. I was the happiest woman alive.

My life has been so blessed by you. I cannot imagine who or what I would have been with out you (and dad and Gretchen). It is a privilege to be your mother, not just because of your many accomplishments that have given us joy. More because you are a kind and loving person. You have a wonderful sense of loyalty and compassion. You are honest and (even though it is hard sometimes) forgiving.

I am so proud of you. Please forgive me for the pictures I am about to post. Just remember, considering my first look at you, you're lucky I didn't name you "Angel".

Happy Birthday, my dearest daughter.

Home from the hospital

Senior Prom

High School Musical - Senior Year

High School Graduation - With proud grandmothers

College Graduation.

Masters of Divinity - At Last

Reverend Paige Wolfanger


Anonymous said...

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Cheryl Wray said...

What special pictures and memories!! You must be SO proud of her! (I have always prayed for a minister daughter myself! lol)

And your letter is beautiful! And I know that Paige was blessed to have you for a Mom!

hippochick said...

Cheryl, I hope she thinks so after she sees the pictures.

I talked to her today. She is having a great day.

Nancy said...

I know your daughter loved her special letter. I can just imagine the pride you and Jim have of her, and rightly so! What a great way to share her birthday with all of us! I may do that myself for my children when their b'days come around. We always thought Tammy would become a nun because she loved to read the Bible all the time. Enjoyed the pics of your mom and Alva, too! I always loved your mom! She was one of the best!!! Happy Birthday, Paige! Oh, to be young again! God Bless!!!

Tracy said...

Happy B-day to Paige! I loved looking over these images... (Is she ready to kill you?)

Paige said...

Did you really HAVE to include the prom and musical pictures? Although I always have looked cute in a perm.

Thanks, mom. Love you, too.

Diane said...

What a sweet mother you are! Loved the photos of Paige. I could feel the love between you guys from the letter you wrote. A great idea...

Monogram Queen said...

Aww I had to come back and read this after reading Gretchen's today. Happy Belated Birthday Paige. You have a very special Momma!