Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrating Kwame's Arrival

Some of my blogland buddies may remember my post about our friend, Emily, going to Africa to marry her beloved, Kwame. In December, 2009, Em went to Africa all alone and was married to Kwame.

They were married in a civil ceremony in Ghana and had a marriage blessing in Kwame's church. Shortly after their marriage, Emily came back to the U.S. to resume her teaching job and begin the process of getting a visa for Kwame.

Getting a visa is a arduous process. There was miles and miles of red tape, numerous meetings with officials both here and in Ghana. Poor Kwame spent hours and hours with officials in Ghana only to be sent away and told to "Come back in six weeks", all the while to be separated from his wife.

After much prayer and patience, Kwame was finally granted a visa last month and arrived her in the U.S. on Friday. What a wonderful time of rejoicing for Emily and Kwame, as well as their family and friends.

All the family together, finally. This family has been so supportive and loving to Emily and Kwame.

The Happy Couple.

Notice the flag plates and napkins? Emily's brother Carol (who was adopted from Romania) told Laurie she should buy these because, "You only come to America for the first time once." BTW, this cake was delicious.

This picture of me has no particular significance other than that I like it, and after all, this is my blog. LOL

I love this picture of Laurie's dad (Emily's grandfather) welcoming his new grandson-in-law.

Emily and Kwame came to church on Sunday morning. It was such a blessing to have Bob introduce his son-in-law. I can't remember when our congregation applauded any louder or longer. What a wonderful welcome.

Emily and Kwame will renew their wedding vows later this summer so that all of Em's friends and family can celebrate their marriage with them. But for now, this was a wonderful way for Kwame to start his life here in America.


Laura said...

Best Wishes to the happy couple! I think that is an awesome story! And I loved seeing your sweet face right smack in the middle of your post!

Lynilu said...

What a wonderful story! I have happy tears in my eyes, now!! I love stories like that. While the bulk of the US is freaking over immigration (the word "illegal" is always there, but IMO, has little to do with the REAL issue), a story such as this one just makes my heart sing!! WELCOME, KWAME!!!

And Pam, I like that picture of you also!

camport said...

Don't even know these people, but I got all choked up, too. What a great story!

Imagine telling it over and over again for generations to come. What an amazing beginning they have.


Monogram Queen said...

I have happy tears too (of course it doesn't take anything to make me cry today).
What a wonderful heart-warming story. They say good things come to those who wait!
Many Many blessings on Kwame and Emily and those who love them!

Tracy said...

wonderful, exciting, beautiful news!

Faye said...

what a wonderful romantic story. I love the pic of Laurie's dad welcoming his grandson-in-law. I also love the pic of you....tee-hee :)

~mel said...

Oh what a nice story of a new beginning! Congratulations to them!!

Dagmar said...

Great to see a happy story, thanks for sharing it.