Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft Camp With Heather

Our friend Heather arrived last night to spend a few days with us. I have been looking forward to this with great excitement. You'd think this was a vacation or something. Oh wait, I am treating this like a vacation
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We decided prior to her arrival that this would be a crafting visit. We invited our friend, Sandi, to join us to craft the day away.

Sandi made cards inviting her grandchildren to "Grandma Camp" later this month.

I spent most of the day working on invitations for Emily and Kwame's shower.

Heather, the master crafter, brought all kinds of goodies to share with us. I am particularly taken with her Big Shot and the dies that go with it. I made lots of things to have on hand for future stamping project
At noon, our friend, Linda picked us up and we went off to one of Heather's favorite restaurants for lunch.In the afternoon Sandi spent her time knitting on sweaters for her new granddaughter. I am so sorry I didn't take a picture of those sweet little things. I kept working on my invitations which, by the way, are nearly finished.

Heather made lots more things for her Etsy shop.

Jim grilled chicken for our dinner and then went off with the other husbands for dinner while we girls, including Linda, had a wonderful meal here. We had Jim's chicken, pasta salad, tossed salad and fruit salad. Heather said it looked like summer on a plate.
Coffee on the porch and a little more crafting ended our evening.
I am anxious to get to bed and sleep so I can wake up and start all over again.
~Hippo Hugs~


Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a VERY good day!!!

"summer on a plate" - I like that!

Enjoy your day today Pam!

Lynilu said...

Days like that are the best, aren't they? Being with friends and doing something you all enjoy, what could surpass that?? Life is good!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh Pam, you make such wonderful things with your crafting! How I miss the days that I used to scrapbook by the hour, I think blogging may have had something to do with it's demise! ha!

What fun having your friend there visiting and all that good food sounds sooooooo delicious! Do you do send out? lol!

I have never tried Zumba Gold but my sister has and she just couldn't keep up with it. I guess we have two left feet as we were never allowed to dance growing up! :o( I keep doing my walking each day with Dad and that seems to be helping me shed some pounds.

The strawberry pie is making my mouth water! Drooling on the keyboard isn't very polite now is it?!

So glad to hear that you were out with Bruce and Shelly!!!!!!!! He is a miracle and hopefully will soon be walking up a storm! I feel like I know them as I have prayed for them so often!

Always good to get caught up with you and your many activities my friend!! xoxox

Sharon said...

It sure looks like everyone was having fun at your camp.
You sure do make some cute things.
thanks for sharing.