Monday, June 14, 2010

Terrific Weekend

Although I don't have one picture to show for it, we had an outstanding weekend. It started Friday morning....

  • Friday. I picked Linda V. up at 8:30 and off we went to our first Zumba Gold class. Zumba Gold is a slower paced, easier Zumba class for women over 50. Linda loved it and looked like she was keeping up and doing well. I, on the other hand, didn't do so well. I felt all the time like I had two left feet. I'm not sure Zumba is for me, but I am determined to try it again this coming Friday. More later...
  • After class, we took a quick trip to the strawberry patch where we bought (not picked)some strawberries to make pies. The original plan was to go to Muddy Waters, a favorite restaurant for coffee and tea, but the wraps and salads look luscious and, after all, it was almost noon, so we had a lovely lunch. Then it was home to bake a strawberry pie for our dinner. My cousin and her husband joined us for a yummy dinner and delightful evening on our screen porch. They are just kids, Abby actually being my cousin's daughter, but we do so enjoy their company. Good food,good friends and lots of laughs.

  • Saturday: Started out with window washing. It was hotter the than the hubs, with 110% humidity. The perspiration was dripping off both of us by the time we finished the upstairs windows, but we were euphoric to have that horrible job done.
  • Four in the afternoon found us at a 5oth Wedding Anniversary party for a couple from our church. What a great time we all had.

  • Sunday: Church is always spirited when the Praise Band plays. This was bittersweet because it is the last time this group will be together as the singers are all off to college in the fall.
  • After church, Jim and I met our friends, Bruce and Shelly for brunch. This was the first time we have been out to a restaurant with Bruce since his accident. He came in his wheelchair, but is excited to be working on walking up the five steps to their summer home in the Adirondacks. His physical therapist says they can do it in the next six weeks. We are looking forward to helping them get settled.

  • Monday: Today started with coffee and muffins at Wegman's with Jim. Then I was off to Curves while he stayed at Weg's and read. After groceries, we came on home and I...
  • Walked with Linda. Of course, after all that exercise, we had to have a little lunch. Yummy
  • At one o'clock, I was off to Joy's to stamp my Christmas Calendars. Talk about a crazy day.
  • Home again, I made a macaroni salad for dinner and after dinner I am...
  • Off to church to practice our VBS skit. Am I a little crazy or what?

In the midst of all this fun, we have some concerns on our hearts. My Aunt who is 81 years old and has been suffering from dementia for several years is being transferred, today, to a nursing home for Alzheimer patients. My uncle has done a fabulous job of caring for her these past years, but it has become just a little too much for him. We are asking for prayers for both of them, but especially for my uncle who is feeling bereft.

Also, a gentlemen who we know slightly is suffering from deep despair and depression. He so needs the hand of God right now. We would appreciate prayers for him too.

I hope this Monday finds all of my friends in blogland doing well. I think of you all often and hope you are enjoying your summer.

~Hippo Hugs~


Lynilu said...

I love weekends like that, full, busy, but without a schedule that can stand to be broken. Good for you!

Monogram Queen said...

I love reading about your hustle and bustle! So sorry about your Aunt and your Uncle. She probably really doesn't know what is going on. Prayers for all. Prayers for all.

Sharon said...

Prayers for all.
It sure does sound like you had a wonderful weekend.
Since it was so nasty here I did my indoor work this weekend and then we had a birthday dinner to go to.