Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Delightful Day in the Desert

Jim's friend, Tom, who does maintenance at the park where Jim shoots baskets, suggested we take a little trip out to Lake Mohave about 35 miles from Henderson and scope out the desert blooms. What a great idea.

Despite the fact that I stayed up until 2 A.M. watching the seventh season of "Gilmore Girls" (which I will comment on at another time), I was up bright and early (for me) so we could beat the desert heat.

What a beautiful morning. Not only did we see these wonderful yellow flowers everywhere, there were also patches of purple and white.

The road wound its way through Eldorado Canyon and at every turn we were greeted with another spectacular vista.

We finally arrived at a spot which was once called "Nelson's Landing". This was once a thriving marina until 1975 when a vicious flash flood swept down the canyon to the lake killing nine people. Today there is a parking lot and warning signs about flash flooding. As the sky was blue and not rain was predicted, we decided to walk down to the lake shore. We were rewarded with more spectacular views.

Walking a little farther, we came upon a family enjoying their Spring Break in their own private cove. What a wonderful way to spend a day with your children.

Walking back to the car, I upset a mamma bird by walking too close to her nest.

We stopped a little abandoned mining settlement on the way back to Boulder City. Another day, we will go back and take the mine tour which looked like lots of fun.
The whole place is full of antiques; license plates, old soft drink signs, advertising of all kind, etc. Really cool.

After such a delightful morning, my wonderful husband suggested we go on to Boulder City and have lunch. There is a little restaurant that we found two years ago; outside seating, delightful food and great wine. We had such a fabulous lunch. We even had desert and I brought two bottles of their wine home with me.

Jim's home watching "March Madness" now and I am having a quiet time at Panera's. I have a little work to do for Summer Reading, but first I wanted to blog about my great day.

This is "Good Friday" and though we had a "holiday" type day, I am reminded of the Passion of our Lord. Remember that without "Good Friday" we couldn't celebrate Easter which we are all looking forward to with joy and anticipation.

Hugs and warm thoughts.


Rents said...

I know that it probably doesn´t matter to you, since you don´t even know me (and even don´t understand my language, so you can´t read my blog), but I just wanted to say, that I happened to wander around and found your blog - and you have the sweetest profile I´ve ever seen.

Not to mention that "To Kill a Mockingbird" is on hell of a good book :)

zenny1313 said...

well in buffalo ny today it got up to 33 today with wind chill of 20,atleast the sun was out! enjoy the desert

Lara said...

Hi Pam,
Isn't Gilmore Girls great? Though the way it ended was a little upsetting as far as the Logan/Rory thing in my opinion. Sienna has been asking about you. I keep telling her you went to see your little girl who is all grown up now. We miss you at church and breakfasts!

jwood said...

Loved reading about your day, sounds absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing the photos, so nice to see the sunshine (even if it is through pics)!

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Dana said...

wow, what gorgeous views! I loved the pictures!!!

Diane said...

Loved the pictures and your trip journal. I'm looking forward to visiting your other blog too.