Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Final Wednesday in the Desert

Today begins our last week here in the Las Vegas area. Whoever said that "all good things must come to an end?" I'm not sure that's true - or should be. I guess maybe other than the goodness and mercy of God, everything else, good or bad, will eventually come to an end. Whatever, this sojourn of ours will end next Wednesday at 9:40 AM, PDT.

That's okay. For one thing, I REALLY need a haircut. I've been complaining to Jim for a week that my hair is completely out of control. I know Gretchen says they really do have hairdressers here in Nevada, but I just love what Kathy does to my hair and don't want to take any chances. People stop me all the time and ask me where I get my hair cut. Even today, as bad as I think my hair is, two ladies at Bible Study asked me who cuts my hair. Cool, huh?

Speaking of Bible Study. Today was my last day. It was a bittersweet day for me. We had such a nice time today. This group of 25-50 ladies meets together for coffee and prayer every Wednesday, then they break into smaller study groups. Each study group is responsible for devotions and refreshments at some point during the length of the study. Also, each group is to have a ministry project. Today the Daniel group had a baby shower for a local crisis pregnancy organization.

Everyone was asked to bring a baby gift, wrapped or bagged. A representative of the organization came and spoke to us for a few minutes. She was overwhelmed by the generosity of the ladies. After she spoke, we played two shower games, had cake and punch and opened the gifts. It was really a delightful time. But alas, when it was over, I had to say goodbye to these new friends. Hopefully, we will be returning next year and I will be able to join them again.

We are trying to make the most of the time we have left here and yesterday went to Mt. Charleston. It has an elevation 11,800 feet. There was still snow there and we were able to watch some skiing and snowboarding at one of the resorts. I got a couple of shots of the desert floor from about 8,000 feet. Unfortunately, they are in the camera on the kitchen counter. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we plan to visit the Valley of Fire and maybe do a little hiking and picture taking. Until then, I'm off to take my afternoon nap and maybe read a little while.


Tracy said...

I love the idea of a baby shower for the crisis pregnancy center.

By the way, I did not receive an email from you about a summer reading program (not in my spam folder, either). Hmmm...

Cheryl Wray said...

You have had a great trip, and I have loved reading all about it (and seeing your pictures!).

Anonymous said...

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