Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Musings

It was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny Easter in Las Vegas, followed by another sunny, blue sky day today.

Although Jim and I were truly blessed by the service of Lessons and Carols at our church here in Henderson, we were also saddened and amazed that the local newspaper completely ignored the most sacred holiday in the Christian calendar. No lilies, crosses, Happy Easter, NOTHING in the Sunday paper about Easter. There was some mention of it on the late news last night, but the newspapers completely ignored it.

The picture is of the flower cross outside church. People brought fresh flowers and placed them in the cross either before or after one of the services. I was going to keep silent about my participation in this event and not embarrass myself, but Hey! you all know by now that I do some very odd things. Anyway, I thought it was a really neat idea. Somehow in my twisted mind, I thought flowers meant a potted plant, sooooo yesterday morning, I was the only person who attended church with a little pot of tulips in my hand. After seeing my mistake, I just quietly walked up to the cross and left my little gift of praise at the foot of the cross.

We had a great brunch with Brian and Gretchen. They make quite a team in the kitchen. They are fun and funny to watch and listen to. Gretchen says Brian is a "backseat cooker".

After lunch, we walked and then played "Hoopla". That game is such fun. We laughed so hard. As usual, I proved I can't even draw stick figures. We lost to the clock, but nobody seemed to care.

I entitled this Monday Musings. Here are a few things I have been musing about:

Gilmore Girls - I finally watched the Seventh Season and I guess it ended the only way it could have. All in all, I wasn't really disappointed. Maybe it left the door open for a future "Gilmore Women".

Credit Cards - Gretchen tells about people who come into her store and call their credit card company or bank to see how close they are to the limit of their credit cards so they can buy something. I was there one day when a girl used four different cards and paid $30 in cash in order to purchase all she had chosen. This is really upsetting to me. I think credit card debt is the rule rather than the exception. I wonder where all this will lead.

Things I like about Easter - I forgot a few things and wanted to add them. Chocolate bunnies (especially from the Candy Kitchen in Williamson), Coloring eggs - and eating them, Hiding Easter baskets, all the wonderful hymns of Easter. There are more, but I think that's good for now.

We have just a little over a week here in the Las Vegas area and then it's back to the reality of April in Upstate NY. I will be so happy to see my dear friends, and we have some fun projects planned for the house. Before we know it, it will be Spring back there too. But for now, I am really feeling a bit sad to be leaving. I guess I need to just put all my energy into enjoying my last week here.

Tonight we are off to see the Cirque show "Mystere". While I am smiling in anticipation of the evening, I'll say so long and hugs.


Tracy said...

The flowers on the cross is such a neat idea.
We are looking forward to seeing you again! I will try to bargain with Mother Nature to get some nice weather lined up for you. It will be April, after all.

camport said...

I was shocked that there was a front page article about a local church and their Easter service. The church looks like somewhere I want to go, so I'm glad it was there.

My parents church does a flower cross like that every pretty. And I think your potted plant was just fine{totally something I would do!}.

Enjoy your last week in the warm, desert sun! It hit 92 here yesterday!


Diane said...

The cross is beautiful. Our church does one every year. Your potted flowers were fine. I remember the first year at our church (our former church didn't have the cross), I forgot my flowers and we drove (like wildfire) to a nearby supermarket and got a bunch of fresh flowers. We were already out of the car and walking to the front door...I'm sure people knew. LOL

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, That cross is decorated so beautifully.. Hope you had a wonderful Easter..

Cheryl Wray said...

I love this post!!!

We do a flower cross at our church too. I LOVE it!!!!

I can't believe that the paper had nothing about Easter. That would totally upset me too!

Credit card debt? I feel the same way about it. People are out of control. (We have one that Gary only uses for work, and a gas card for emergencies! That's it!!)

Sounds like you are having a fantastic trip!!!

Anonymous said...

I was struck by that cross, too -- so glad you took a photo (it's so unique)!

Also, I wanted to wish you a safe trip home (and a happy, belated, Easter)!

Nancy said...

Pam, I have so enjoyed all of your photos, and I have read every post, too, although I have not commented on each one. I am lucky to find time just to read them, the way things have been going around here. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time there but not looking forward to returning home...but then there's always next year to look forward to. Yes, the cross was truly beautiful! Have a safe trip home! Love ya!