Friday, March 14, 2008

Can't believe it's Friday

Another beautiful here in "the valley". Yesterday was 80 degrees and we enjoyed every moment of the beautiful day. Like the good girl I am, I went to Curves. Jim went to the park and shot baskets early in the A.M. and then drove me to Curves and read in the car while I exercised. Aren't we an inspiration???

Wednesday evening, we picked up Brian and met Gretchen after work for dinner. Jim and I had been anxious to go back to "Ellis Island" for bar-b-cue since last year. Ellis Island is a dumpy little casino off the strip with some of the best bar-b-cue we have ever tasted. If you have a "player's card" {which you can obtain for free}, the combo {1/2 chicken and 1/2 rack of ribs} is $7.99. This includes the meats, beans, coleslaw, corn and bread. Drinks are $1.00 extra. And just in case you are interested, a strawberry daiquiri is $3. Ask me how I know that?

It was a gorgeous evening and we ate outdoors. After dinner, Gretch and Bri had errands to run so Jim and drove over to the Bellagio and watched 7 performances of the "Fountains of the Bellagio". It was glorious. Watching those fountains is pure joy. I smile until my face is sore. Then I clap and jump up and down. Jim loves that I'm such a cheap date. Although, I did talk him into buying me a $3 cup of coffee. What a fun evening.

Last night, I went with Gretchen to her youth group at church. She asked me to come along and help, but she was organized and ready to go. I just along for the ride. It was fun. The group is very small, but the kids are dear and they obviously love Gretchen.

We had breakfast for lunch today at the Pancake House here in the "District". Oh, did I mention about Coldwater Creek's 60% off sale. I am ecstatic. I found 1/2 of the outfit I want to wear to Kara's wedding this summer. An $89 skirt for 60% off - You do the math. I guess if you count the gorgeous jewelry I found to go with it, I am more than 1/2 way to being dressed to kill for a mountain wedding.

Anyway, now that we're back at the "District" for lunch and blogging (at Panera's of course)I might just as well drop back in and see what else they are practically giving away.

Okay, time to go. We are going to go see "Juno" this afternoon. We have to make the most of our time here where everything is at our fingertips since we have less than three weeks left in Paradise.


camport said...

cracking up at this post, especially the "ask me how I know that?" lol!

Your excercising is an inspiration, but there is a rapist in the neighborhood and Sean doesn't think I can handle myself after dark, especially.

We've been to Vegas once and it was with the kiddos. We hiked down to the Bellagio and made it just in time for the kids{and Sean} to start whining. I have demanded a re-trip just for the fountains. So far, it's a no-go. The porn they were handing out on the streets is still fresh in our minds...

Yay for the 60% off sale! I love sales!! Hit it up again and spend the money you saved on the first all balances out!

Enjoy your last 3 weeks.


Mississippi Songbird said...

I hope you enjoy the movie"Juno". I've heard it's great.I want to see it sometime.. Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

You never tire, do you? You guys are like Energizer batteries..just keep going and going! LOL Enjoy what time you have left there. As they say, time flies when you're having fun! I think our Spring has arrived here as we have been in the low to mid-70s. Not looking forward to the heat of summer and that dreaded humidity! You need to go back to that sale and spend what you saved the first time! I agree with all balances out! You tickle me!!!