Sunday, June 29, 2008

All for the love of June

It's hard to believe June is nearly over. I'm really disappointed that this wonderful month is all but gone and I feel as if I haven't paid it the proper attention. I may have been aware of my love of this month somewhere in the back of my mind, but for some reason, maybe to do with my age, I have realized recently that June might just be my favorite month.

There is so much about June to enjoy.

First Going back to my youth, June was the month that school lets out for summer vacation. Beginning with the first week in June we could look forward to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. As a wife and mom living in New York, I could look forward to those same lazy, hazy, crazy days only beginning at the end of June. Jim would go off to work as a house painter in the summers while the girls and I planned how we would fill the long lovely days ahead. The end of school meant sleeping later in the mornings, relaxed schedules, picnic lunches on a blanket in the back yard, fresh peas from the garden. You know, lazy, hazy, crazy days

Second June really is the beginning of summer. But even before the first day of summer, we get to celebrate Flag Day. I always dressed the girls in red, white and blue outfits {well, while I still had a say in how they dressed} and we made sure the flag was hung outside. Somehow that heralded summer to me.

Third The weather is usually so mild and pleasant in June. Some days are especially warm, but for the most part, the humidity hasn't arrived in full force. The hot, scorching sun hasn't begun to dry up the lawns and turn them brown. Flowers and shrubs are blossoming and blooming, filling the days with beauty.


I love to start my days having my coffee and reading the paper sitting on the sun porch. Living in the Northeast, the days of enjoying this room are limited.

Fourth June is the month of graduations and weddings. New beginnings for so many young people. This year to many dear to us. The class of 2008 was the last class Jim taught before his retirement making them special to us. Along with graduations come parties. We enjoyed two this weekend. It's always to see the graduates and their families, visit with friends and, of course, partake of all the yummy food. We paid little attention to the diet this weekend.

There is probably much to say about June, but I'll leave more for another June.

We've had a very good week. Jim saw his doctor on Thursday to have his bandage changed and his wound checked. The doctor and his NP were both pleased. He is doing well. His pain has diminished considerably and the feeling has begun to return to his fingers. The NP gave him a steroid injection in his left hand that should give him some relief for the time it takes his right hand to heal. Thank you all for your prayers. We are so grateful to God for the progress.

We were blessed with a visit from our friend {and third daughter} Heather who came out from Buffalo to spend a couple of days with us. She chipped in and took care of some household chores we haven't been able to get to. Also her visit was a great diversion for me. There are times when this splint nearly drives me over the edge. I tend to be somewhat claustrophobic and the splint seems tighter and tighter by the minute. Having Heather here helped keep my mind off my hand.

As busy as Laurie is getting ready for Sam's graduation party, we managed to get away to Starbucks for a couple of hours. We sat outside and enjoyed our coffee beverages. Another thing I like about June - outside dining.

The week ahead looks very busy, but I am determined to be more faithful to posting on my blog and keeping with the postings of my many friends in blogland.

I will leave you with this very deep thought:

What if the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?


Dana said...

wow! Those flowers are gorgeous! You ever want to bring that green thumb of yours to Florida, my yard could use some work ;-)

Cheryl Wray said...

June is really a great month, and I can't believe it's almost over! Sad to see it go...

Love that picture.

And, ha ha, about the hokey pokey. I hope it's NOT what it's all about!!!

Nancy said...

Your clematis is gorgeous!!!!!

Loved your post about June! I think back when we were young and school was really WAS fun back then, wasn't it?

Glad Jim's hand is getting better. Hope your wrist is healing well, too! Won't be long and you'll be saying goodbye to the casts, both of you. I know what you mean about feeling claustrophobic...I AM claustrophobic, period! My dad was, too. I am getting where I can't even stand to wear clothes! Maybe I'll become a nudist! LOL Just kidding!

Dressing your girls in red, white and cute!!! You need to post pics of them. Bet they loved it, too! And picnics on a blanket in the backyard! You made the summers so much fun for them. I spent every day with mine during the summer months, and we made a lot of memories, too. Loved every minute of it, as I'm sure you did, too. We can thank Mrs. Streeter for our love of homemaking, can't we? She made it so much fun. I think of her often.

You got me to thinking that June really IS a great month! I bet we could find some nice things about every month if we dug deep in our minds. Here? Just toooo dang hot!!! Nothing nice about that! LOL

Have to get ready to head to the vet by 3. I plan to post about Oliver again tonight. Poor little fella....


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Love your clematis! They are gorgeous. And I agree, June is the best summer month. Can't believe it's over.

Glad to hear your husband's hand is healing well. Did you get your spling changed since the last post?

And what a beautiful picture of you and your friends. Wish we had a Starbucks around here, but the best they can do in the boonies is a McDonalds! Their coffee is actually pretty good, but no Starbucks, that's for sure.

Have a great week!



Michelle said...

The Hokey Pokey is all about being silly. Like the Chicken Dance, how often do we allow ourselves the simple joy of.......just being SILLY?

We need better avenues for silly, but those two will do in a pinch.

How I envy you your flowers.

Ahhh When I have my own house, I will put you to SHAME woman!

I hope you have an absolutely fantabulous summer.

Tracy said...

June did pass by in a flash. July? How'd that happen?!