Wednesday, June 4, 2008

~one handed posting~

i am determined to post today, but to make life easier i'm going to type everything lower case. please bear with me. you have all made me laugh with your ideas of how i broke my wrist. let me tell you, it wasn't glamorous. it was, in fact, just plain stupid.

i think i'll start at the beginning. we left home at six a.m on friday.

we stopped for breakfast in buffalo, and then had a long but uneventful trip to holland. we arrived around 4 pm. with some delays and snafus, we finally met up with our kids. we had a fun time sitting by the hotel pool and catching up with family and friends.


saturday morning found us at breakfast at bob evans

wake up brian

it's difficult to snap the entire table

our waitress was a good sport

the wedding was perfect in every way. meghan and casey were adorable. looking at them, you could see their love. it was so adorable and romantic. casey's dad is a pastor and performed the ceremony. he also played the bongos and sang with a guitarist and pianist during the lighting of the unity candle. his meditation was a perfect mix of humor and solemnity.

i thought sure i wouldn't cry, but the moment i saw laurie, i reached for my tissues - well actually, jim had the tissues.

we had some time to kill before the reception so we went to 8th st. and had coffee at my favorite coffee shop in holland.

all dressed up in our wedding duds

we were joined by jeff, lara and sienna

and, of course, i found flowers to photograph

on to the reception which was lovely. the food was yummy, the wine good, the cake delicious. most of all, the fellowship was fabulous.

laurie with bob's aunt and uncle and his mom

our former pastor, john niytray with his dear wife and daughter

the happy mothers

a proud grandfather

cutting the cake

this is the point when things went a little sour for me. the wedding couple had just started their dance. paige decided she should start home to chicago. we all got up to walk her out. true to form, i was totally engrossed in telling a story. foolishly, i turned to face my family, walking backwards and chattering away. there was a step in the patio that led to a lower walkway. OOPS!!!

i think i'll stop here and finish with the details later.

one last thing - jim has an appointment with a hand specialist next week. please continue to pray about his terrible pain.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a story -- love the photos, but am so sorry for the injury and sorry for your husband's pain, too. HUGS and all the best for a quick recovery for you both!

camport said...

Oh man! I hope it heals quickly! And Jim's hand, too! And as I told Simon today as he walked backwards through the mall, talking to me, "Turn around and pay attention before you hurt yourself!!"


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh no!!! thanks for the update...and the pictures all along the way just made me smile (when you're a blogger/photographer, you take pics of everything! I love it!!!)

I'm just glad you made it through the wedding and most of the reception before it happened. Bless your heart!

Praying for both of your hands!!!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful family picture!! How often does everyone get dressed up and get together for a photo, ya know? The first photo all 6 of us ever had taken together was at my dad's funeral. Of course, 4 are from his first marriage and are much older, so we never really ever all got together before.

Hope you are adjusting to the use of one hand. I don't know how I would manage with my cats if that happened to me...I don't even want to think about it. My surgery was bad enough! I had to get down on my knees to scoop their boxes! But, in due time, we do heal and go on to resume life as usual.

So many nice pics of the wedding, too! She was a beautiful bride! So young....remember those days? LOL

Keep us posted on Jim's hand now.
Wish I lived closer as I would help you guys! It was great talking with you the other day!!! Even our voices have changed over the years!!! LOL

(((HUGS))) to you both!

Diane said...

In true southern style, bless your heart! I'm so sorry and I'm sure it's quite an adjustment.

The wedding pics were great! Everyone looked so nice...very happy. I love weddings...cry every time. Thank goodness for our hubbies...Jim with tissues, Steve with toilet paper...just for us! LOL

Prayers are with you for quick healing and for Jim for the docs to resolve his problem and relieve the pain.


Michelle said...

Hey, for a cripple, you type pretty good.

I am so glad the wedding was gorgeous!

They make me sad, but then again.....I always said I should have lived in the 20's!

You looked so happy despite the Faux Pas (your owie)

With your tenacity, I have no doubt you will run circles around anyone with two good arms!

Much Love and Hugs.......


Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, What great pictures and a beautifulloving couple.. God Bless them as they start their lives together..
Thanks for sharing this special time in photos..
Bunches of hugs...