Friday, June 6, 2008

~friday distractions~

given the state of our physical bodies, we are working overtime to keep our spirits up and our minds distracted from our discomforts. and, you know what?, i think it's working. for my part, i sleep late every morning. i know if i stay in bed until 9 a.m. jim will come up with my coffee. so,that's just what i do.

we made some tough decisions earlier this week. we called a local lawn care company and made arrangements to have our lawn mowed for the next two months at least. we gave all of our vegetable plants to our friend sandi. along with the veggies, we also gave her some flowers i had intended to pot. we have a nice public market nearby and we love going there early on summer saturday mornings. and we tell ourselves "there's always next summer."

with all of these usual summer tasks taken care of, you can see how i dare sleep until 9. neither of us is really in a position for exercising right now either. we are disappointed as we had established a really good regimen. again, we are looking forward a few weeks when we can resume this exercise. we can, however walk along the "erie canal", just at a slower pace. you know, taking time to smell the roses as it were. all this to say we are trying to find reasons to leave the easy chairs and our books.

after jim wrapped my arm in a plastic garbage bag, i managed to take a shower and wash my hair. i needed a little help so he stood outside the shower handing me my soaped washcloth and squeezing the shampoo into my hand. all in all i think we did pretty well. okay, so my hairstyle isn't that great, but nobody ran screaming in the opposite direction as i approached them.

having accomplished that feat, we decided to venture into the outside world. our first stop was the nursing home to see florence. although florence was asleep and couldn't be awakened, the other ladies clapped and cheered (honestly, they really did) when we walked in. See, my hair couldn't have been that bad. actually, i think it was my beatles shirt.

although one of the ladies did ask "who's the guy?" he looked pretty snazzy too. whatever, i think we made their day a little brighter.

of course, we take any occasion to go out to lunch, so we went to uno's and had a really nice lunch. it was 90 degrees today and though i would normally opt to eat on the patio, today i chose the air conditioning. we had the cutest little waiter.

after lunch we did several errands, picked up a few groceries, stopped at the library to pick up the newest harlan coban book (which i'm reading first) and got home just about wine time.

laurie dropped by last evening with a casserole and a bottle of wine. jim made a great salad to finish off the meal.

speaking of laurie, i have a good pic of the two of us at the wedding that i didn't post.

so, jim has gone off to bed and i'm ready to curl up with harlan. a good end to a day full of distractions.

hippo hugs.


camport said...

LOVE this pic! You should make it your profile pic. I know it's probably not funny to you, but imagining you sticking your hand out of the shower for soap refills is kinda funny from this end. My husband would probably just stand there and roll his eyes and wonder why a woman needs so many soaps/shampoos/body washes/face wash/etc.

You two must make quite a team!

Heal quickly!

Lyle said...
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Nancy said...

Sounds like you've got things under control for a couple of months until you both get back to normal. And, as you said, there's always next summer. I gave up all my flowers, garden, etc. years ago, and I'm glad that I just have 2 porch planters to care for now. In this heat, that's enough! It's supposed to hit 100 here tomorrow and then 101 on Sunday! Today my car thermometer said 103 for the outside temp! I about suffocated with this humidity running errands, getting in and out of the car!

Glad you got a shower! I remember when Tammy had her broken wrist...she needed my help, too.

Every day brings you one day closer to getting your cast off! Remember when I broke my arm in 4th grade? I remember my mom wrapping my arm in a plastic bag, too.

Loved your Beatles shirt! Sounds like the nursing home residents got a kick out of it! The photo of you and Laurie at the wedding is really a nice one! Know you enjoyed the time with your girls over the weekend, too!

Catch you next time!


Anonymous said...

You two are doing a great job making the best of your situation. HUGS even so! Also, I LOVE your Beatles shirt -- you ROCK!

Gerrit said...

Its to hear you're in good spirits given all that you've run up against. Personally, I never liked mowing the lawn anyway... If it weren't for the cast thing, I'd say go jump in a pool and get some fun exercise in the water... Perhaps after. It should help with the rehab too.

Certinaly sounds like its hot over there on the east coast. Its a perfect 70-80 over here in Denver.

PS... give a shout out to Herr Stoker for me.

Diane said...

You honestly had no choice but surrender your garden and lawn. You're right, there's always next summer.

As far as your exercise regimen, you can get right back to that after you're both able to resume.

I think you guys must have made their day at the nursing home. The Beatles shirt is great! I'll bet a few even hummed at least one of their

Praying for quick healing...


Michelle said...

No worries Pam, I just stopped by Nancy's blog and her strawberries are beautiful, and I am sure her peaches will be too! She's such a doll, I am sure she will keep you stocked with fresh yummy fruit.

I hope you mend quickly, but in the mean time....just pamper yourself with those late mornings and served coffee!



Nancy said...

In reponse to your comment on my blog...I wish I could send you up some of those strawberries! They are just so sweet....absolutely luscious!!!

As far as the tile job goes, it's not all that bad to do. (Just hard on the back!!!) That laser level is quite the tool! I went and bought one now just to have on hand. It really does look good now that I grouted it. Just lacking a couple small pieces of baseboard and shoe moulding yet. And I still have a 12-foot section of baseboard to paint. I just keep plugging away at it...taking a few months off every now and then! That's why it's not finished yet! Almost a year now!!! Need to get it done so I can move on to another brainstorm of mine. I always have a project on the back burner, or I'm not happy! LOL


Michelle said...

PS Pam, When you do get to the Panhandle, I would be very upset if you didn't call me and we got a chance to meet. I think you are wonderful!