Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~A Week In Review~

I feel as if I've been away from this site forever. I'm sure Nancy thought I'd never post again. I will admit that it's quite a long process to type with one hand. Today, I'm tackling capital letters for the first time since my accident. Speaking of my accident, it's just eight more days until we change this splint. I harbor no illusions that I will be castless {is that a word?}. My fondest hope is that whatever replaces this one will be less restrictive. At the very least, before I'm trussed up again, i will be able to wash my hand. OOOIE! YUCK!

So anyway, back to the week that was. Other than getting a MUCH NEEDED hair cut and venturing to Wal-Mart, nothing much happened last Wednesday. Then came Thursday!!!

Opening Day of the Rochester Wegman's LPGA

This was my first professional golf tournament ever. At this point, I think that I should mention that I don't play golf, but I love to follow professional golf. Now, maybe I began this for self preservation, being married to a man who loves all things golf. Whatever the reason, I'm hooked. I have my favorites, and my UNfavorites. That said, I had a mental list of which players I wanted to see, and I wasn't disappointed. We weren't allowed to take cameras onto the course, so the following aren't my actual photographs. Among a few, we saw:

LORENA OCHOA Lorena won this tournament last year, but didn't do well this time. She is a real crowd pleaser and very pleasant.

PAULA CREAMER Paula is cute and personable.

NATALIE GULBIS Natalie is the fashion plateof the tour.

MORGAN PRESSEL Morgan did very well in th early rounds, but faded as time went on.

We also saw Annika up close and personal, but I couldn't find a good picture of her.
As well as seeing all these players, we enjoyed mingling with the courteous and friendly crowd. Jim and I drew a lot of attention and comments about our bandaged arms. The course is beautiful.

What a way to pass a Thursday in June!! We were tired but happy when we arrived home.

Friday found Jim back at the tournament while I baked cookies {one handed} for a benefit for a family whose father is terminally with cancer. It would have been quite a sight had you been able to see me. My clothing and parts of my body were covered with batter.

We spent a very pleasant Friday evening with friends at the school's retirement party. It was good food {which we managed to cut ourselves}, good friends and good fun.


By Saturday, we were rested enough to journey out to Skaneatles for a shopping day with our friends Jason and Linda. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We watched boats, had a delightful lunch and shopped.




Jim and I spent a quiet Sunday going to church and watching the final round of the LPGA. Yesterday we went to the bank and out to lunch.

Sorry this was such a long post. If you managed to stay with me 'til the end, you are a brave soul. Have a great rest of the week.

~Hippo Hugs~


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Looks like you had an enjoyable week despite your handicap, and that's wonderful!

In my friend Eileen's case, who I mentioned broke her left wrist in March, she had 2 cast changes and is now wearing a temporary brace, which is removable, and which she wears when she is doing some lifting, and even during driving, because steering the wheel during turns is still a bit painful for her. She is also doing some exercises to strengthen the wrist.

The golf tournament looks like it was fun, and what a beautiful setting it took place in. You two invalids look cute in the picture!

Good friends, and good food always make for a good time in my book as well. I'm glad things are coming along so well for the both of you. Have a great week.

Gentle Hugs,


Cheryl Wray said...

You and Jim are SO SO SO SO cute!!!! (You can tell him I said so!!)

The golf tournament looks like it was so much fun. Great pics!

Tracy said...

seeing Shelly's picture makes me wonder... did she announce the musical for next year?! Her clues left me stumped.

Nancy said...

I am glad to see a new post from you! I've missed you, my dear friend! I know it must so hard to do anything one-handed, let alone type!

First of all, your hair looks darling!!! Don't you just love it when you get a fresh cut and
"do"? It really looks so young and perky!!!!

Great photos! Sounds like you had a really great week! Don't you just love the water? I love being around it myself, except in SC due to the large snakes (I mean 6- foot large!!!) that live close to the water here!!!

I am going to write a new post today about Tammy's male cat, Buster, who is very ill and in Greenville and having a kidney dye procedure done this morning and then serious surgery after that. Stosh and I are going back to that city later today to visit "Buster" and meet with the surgeon after his surgery. Waiting for that doctor to call me now with the plan for today. They are just wonderful there! Praying that they can help this little fella. Tammy's heart is breaking......

You and Jim kKeep healing now!!! I feel bad for you both! I remember the cast on my arm in 4th grade....I hated it. It would itch inside the cast....that was an awful 8 weeks that I had it on!!! And then the months of therapy and treatments I had to have or my arm would have been stiff. The old bod does heal in given time, though.

Have a great week!!!


Diane said...

The healing is definitely underway. I know you'll be glad to be rid of your "friend". You and Jim will be amazing each other just what you can do with four arms. LOL

The golf tournament looked like fun. I've been to one pro tournament. It was the Wachovia in Charlotte. We had a blast. It rained a lot and they had a couple of delays, but it was still fun. It was the men's...got to see some of my favs...Phil Mickelson for one. Steve has played golf since he was 7 years old. When we started dating, he bought me clubs and shoes. I've never mastered the game, but liked it enough that I bought new clubs last year.

I've missed your posts. Glad you're back. You did really well with the caps! Bet that was tricky. LOL I've been away from my blog too. I'm heading over to post now!


Midlife Mom said...

Glad you have a new post up and running and with capitals no less! Sounds like you're getting out and about some now which must seem nice. Glad you got to go to the golf tournament, great pictures of the participants. I don't play golf either but hubby and son do. I sit by the pool and read!
Making cookies with one hand now that's not an easy task!
Keep getting better and hopefully you will be out of that cast soon!

Michelle said...

What a great week for you!

I am still praying for the miracle that will allow both of you to CAST OFF those casts, but I will never be a miracle worker, I just wish you and Hubby well.

I am not into golf, but Allen loves the game. He started playing when he was 5 and was a junior champion at 12. Too bad he doesn't get to play much anymore, but it's his own workaholic fault, lol!

Have a wonderful weekend Pam