Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~the weekend and then some~

i can hardly believe it's june 10, already. where is the time going? whizzing by, that's where. meanwhile, we are managing to muddle along with our two hands. sometimes it gets a little complicated. we've had a lot of laughs.

we managed to have an enjoyable weekend. the weather was really unseasonably warm {hot}so we tried to stick to indoor activities. we took in a matinee on saturday. the theater was cool even if the movie was not. if i were of a mind to admit i even saw the movie, i would warn everyone against. let's just say, "prince caspian" it was not. once in awhile we make a mistake in movies. this one was a lulu.

sunday was hotter still. i expected the church to be really hot, but it was really quite comfortable. the praise band played for the last time until fall. they have really gotten good. we will be losing three of the guys as they all graduate in a couple of weeks. it was a good service. pastor preached about success. it really made me think about what success means to me. has my life been a success {so far}?
when i was 16 my goal was to make enough money to buy a leather coat and get a nose job. i don't know if i counted that as success, but i never did get that nose job. i think the success came in allowing god's grace to cover my insecurity about my poor old nose.

i'm still thinking about what i count as success in my life. i'll keep you posted.

as i posted on friday, i had first dibs on the new harlan coban book. i finished it about midnight sunday/monday. a mighty good read. jim will finish it tonight. i can hardly wait to have a good book discussion.

yesterday was a very low key day for both jim and i. i sorted and filed {and tossed} here in my work room. jim did wonderful salads for dinner.

they were yummy. perfect hot weather food.

despite two rather wild thunderstorms today, we managed to get a little work done outdoors. i did a teensy bit of one-handed weeding and fertilized my hanging baskets. jim pulled a few weeds and carried some branches away that our friend peter cut for him.

peter the mulch man

it looks so nice around here now that this job is done. i know despite my best efforts to relax, i would have fretted about this all summer. now i can just look out and smile. "thanks, peter".

and two final shots of my hubby who is the best sport i have ever known.

these boots were made for gardening!

after a little work, i had a delightful lunch with two dear "ladies who lunch". the food was scrumptious and the company even better. i came home with these.

aren't they beautiful? well, the rain has stopped and i think we're ready to start the grill. have a happy evening.

hippo hugs to all.


Dagmar said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks, love you photos this week as well, and your flowers look great. We are having such a wet rainy spring, yet the flowers are still blooming.
Have a great week

Anonymous said...

The salad looks sooooo good. Also, love the boots -- they ARE made for gardening (heh-heh)!

camport said...

LOL about the boots comment! I can't believe the year is half way over either! It's insane how quickly it's flying by!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Your posts are such a fun read! I am enjoying them. Hope your wrist is better, but it takes a while. A friend of mine broke hers in Match and the cast just came off, and she is still wearing a temporary brace, but she is finally driving again. Of course, she is much older than you, and old bones take longer to heal, I guess.

Take it easy and keep enjoying life.



Gerrit said...

Intersting thoughts... how do you measure if your life was / is successful? I think one of my mine will be knowing that I'll see my child(ren) in Heaven. Everything else is just bonus. I have aspirations of retiring out in the mountains somewhere, but achieving that won't necessarily mark my success in life. I think being liked and respected for who I am / was, and in what I do / did, is probably another measure for me. You really got me thinking now...

Diane said...

Success...definitely something to think about!

Loved the pics...especially Jim's boots. For some reason, it reminded me of the time Steve "suited" out to kill the giant spider on the porch. It was mid July and he put on long pants, socks pulled up over them to the knees, long sleeved shirt with gloves, a cap, hand a fly swatter and a can of bug killer. Neither one of us are spider fans. I understand his fear. He was bitten by a black widow as a child, a couple years ago by a brown recluse. He's a magnet!

Cheryl Wray said...

It is SO hot here too!!!!

Your yard looks beautiful, and I just LOVE the pic of Jim's boots. Too cute!!!

And the flowers are beautiful!!!

Nancy said...

Beautiful post!

Your new mulch looks so nice! I always love it when that job is done!

Jim better hide those boots of his, as I heard through the grapevine that the Fashion Police are on their way! LOL

We were always so fussy with our lawn and shrubs. Recently we rode by our former home on the lake....and we were just sick! They have let the shrubs all grow together, they had torn out the lush landscaping around the circular driveway, removed a couple of Bradford pear trees and some crepe myrtles, and they added cream-colored shutters to the house along with a cream-colored storm door on the front, over the dark wood door/sidelights of stained glass! The house was Hilton Head style with casement windows and looked better without shutters! I should get a pic of it as it looks now and post a THEN and NOW photo of it! We could just imagine what the inside looks like now! All that hard work we did to keep our landscaping looking like it was always "just manicured" down the tubes! The last home we sold looks great, though....that guy is doing a super job keeping up everything, and there was alot to keep up with there! So I always admire a pretty landscape as I know the sweat and tears that have gone into it! Yours is beautiful!!!


Tracy said...

Gasp - you have a mulch man?! I'm jealous.

Midlife Mom said...

So sorry that you broke your wrist! That's a bummer! Glad you got a mulch man, I had to hire one too, just too much around here for me to keep up with. I finally set out my veggie plants today. Have all my petunias out but now need to go water them. Hey I have some boots that look just about like those! lol! I wear them mucking out the horse stalls, which I need to go do right now! Take care!

Michelle said...

You, my dearest of friends, are one cool cat.

You are braver than I........you actually take pics of your own food!

Your "ladies who lunch" comment reminded me of one of my all time favorite tune. Remember Ella Fitzgerald singing "Miss Otis Regrets"?

"Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today, madam.
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today, mmmmmm.
And she’s sorry to be delayed,
But last evening down at lover’s lane
She strayed, madam.
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today.

When she woke up and found
That her dream of love was gone, madam,
She ran to the man
Who had lead her so far astray.
And from under her velvet gown
She drew a gun and shot her lover down, madam.
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today.

When the mob cam and got her
And dragged her from the jail, madam,
They strung her up
On the willow across the way.
And the moment before she died
She lifted up her lovely head and cried, madam.
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch.
Miss Otis regrets she’s unable to lunch today. "

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, The yard looks great!I hope you are enjoying the summer... Bunches of Hugs.....