Saturday, August 9, 2008

~Another Birthday~

Can you believe it? Another birthday party! This time we were invited to a Princess Picnic. The princess is our three year old friend, Sienna.

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating with friends of all ages. I think everyone was enjoying themselves, some more than others. This family came in "Kingdom Regalia".

Admittedly, a bit of the "foolish" part of the kingdom. It was fun seeing them getting into the theme though. Notice that Meg has on her tiara. Once a princess always a princess. I'm very sensitive as we have a princess in our family tool

Here our princess, used to the Nevada summers, freezes during a visit to her "winter castle". As she always says, "It's not easy being a princess, but someone has to do it".

Today's princess even had her own castle. She was a little frightened of it initially, but by the end of the day, she was saying "Come on Friends, let's go bounce".

I loved this picture of all the little princesses having a snack. I took the picture through the screen door.

Those of us who aren't grandparents really enjoyed our time with all these little ones. And, there were babies everywhere. Some of whom, I was able to hold---until they cried, then it was back to Mommy. Here is Lenora with her beautiful mommy.

I really had to post this today, as tomorrow Sienna's grandmother and I are off to the wilderness to spend a couple of days. Sandi's mother owns a really, really rustic camp where we like to go and "get away from it all". The camp has no electricity or running water. We really "rough it" when we go there. I can hardly wait. I'll have lots of pictures and, hopefully, good stories to post on Tuesday. Until then, "goodbye civilization".


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Happy Birthday to cutie pie, Sienna! What a lovely birthday picnic! The little ones are all so cute, and the big ones...are cute as well. LOL. Enjoyed the pictures.

I'm sure you're having fun at your rustic camp, roughing it. I suppose it even comes with an outhouse? LOL. Can't wait to read about it and see all the pictures.



Nancy said...

Hi Pam!

What a great theme for a little girl's birthday party!!! What a cutie she is!!! Don't you just love how the adults got into it, too? LOL Your pics were great!

And your own little "princess" is a cutie, too! I can understand why she gets cold when she comes home. It is true, your body does acclimate to the climate where you live. I was told it takes about a year. So after being in SC for 16 months, we took the big college kids home to PA for Christmas, and they about froze to death! And my mom had always kept their house at 80 degrees!!! And the kids were still cold! They couldn't wait to get back home to SC...and when we left PA the day we moved, they were crying (we all were!) and didn't want to leave. LOL Now they are happy right where they are. They said no more PA winters for them! LOL

You are braver than I am! No electricity and no running water! At least it gives you an insight of how people used to live. I go nuts when the electric goes off for a few hours during a storm! And I don't think I would survive without my running water!

Imagine you are back home by now...I'll check later today for your new post and pictures! Really, it does sound like quite an adventure, though.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Diane said...

Sienna is precious! The little princess had a great birthday party without a doubt.

Hope the camping trip went well and you had a great time! You can really appreciate nature and God's creation when you're out there.

Hope to see some pictures!

Cheryl Wray said...

Looks like a GREAT party!!!!!