Thursday, August 21, 2008

~The Countdown Continues~

I don't think I mentioned in my earlier "Countdown" post that we are having a party on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. We talked about it and decided that since our kids are so far away and busy with their lives, we should just go ahead and throw a party for ourselves. Forty years is a lot to celebrate and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to celebrate.

In the midst of getting ready for a party and house guests, we are trying to make this week special. So, today after we did our two mile walk, we decided to celebrate with a lunch by the lake. It was a gorgeous day and who knows when it might rain again, so we celebrated the weather by going to lunch. It was perfect on the deck looking out on Sodus Bay. We took the long way to the restaurant, through orchard country. The apples are ripening and getting ready to be picked. We enjoyed the ride. I want to make a peach pie tomorrow but didn't see any fruit out by the road.

Okay, let's get back to the countdown. So, Jim and I started to date. He was still in college and I was working, but we managed to see each other many weekends that spring. By summer, it was just understood that I would come home every weekend and we would do something together. It was a really fun summer, one of the best of my life. When Jim went back to school in the fall, I was already hearing wedding bells.

It was a long winter. In February Jim asked me to come with him while he interviewed for a job here in the town where we now live. He signed a contract to teach here and that night I asked him if he was planning on marrying me. How's that for a romantic story? Oh yes, it was Leap Year. And he said he was.

I'll finish up this post with ten more "Fab Things About Jim".

11. He makes me laugh at least once every day.

12. He holds my hand when we walk down the street.

13. He scratches where it itches.

14. He made me a mom.

15. He buys me donuts.

16. He is proud of my accomplishments.

17. He writes to his mother every day.

18. He shares the housekeeping load. (Actually, he does more than I do)

19. He thinks my blogging is cool.

20. He loves to travel.


camport said...

love the story, can't wait to hear more!!


Diane said...

What a wonderful're keeping it interesting, as is your life with Jim. LOL

I can't wait to see more pics as the BIG DAY nears!


Nancy said...

Oh, Pam, I love the pics!!! That's how I remember both of you! You always were a romanticist! I DO remember that from our days at Austin High!!! LOL I really don't feel old inside, do you? But heaven forbid, I stay away from mirrors! LOL

I am enjoying your "Fab List" about Jim! How nice of you to do that!!! I know he is enjoying it, too!

I am so glad you are happy! The lunch by the lake sounded so romantic, too!

Waiting for more!!! Today is your party! Happy Partying!!! Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! Will check back for more then!

Love ya!
(((((( HUGS ))))))

Renie Burghardt said...

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, Pam and Jim! God bless you both!

Anniversary Hugs,


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I just love that story!!! And your list is great!