Thursday, August 7, 2008

~Happy Birthday, Florence~

Today was Florence's 83rd birthday. This has been a tough year for my dear friend. Shortly after Jim and I returned from Nevada, she was hospitalized. There were days when I thought we would lose her. She has recovered somewhat but still isn't all the way back

Nevertheless, I think she really enjoyed her birthday. The Recreation Director for her floor is a delight. She ordered hamburgers and fried from a local restaurant for lunch for the whole floor. She said Florence really enjoyed the food and ate a whole hamburger. That's really unusual for her.

When we arrived with the cake (which her friend Bill had provided), they were all gathered around the lunch table waiting for us. They have a volunteer, Ron, who comes in and plays the guitar for them. We could hear him singing as we came down the hall. We arrived with our cake to cheers and applause. These folks are so much fun.


Cee-Cee, one of my favorite aids, helped us serve the cake and scoop the ice cream.

This dear lady really likes Jim. Everytime we come she asks "Who's that guy?" I told her today that I was sorry, but he was taken. She just laughed.

This is Florence's roommate who I adore. She is the dearest lady.

This gal is new to the floor. She is so pleasant and easygoing. She loved the cake. Actually, they all did. We had a really fun time.

And here is the birthday girl. She said she couln't remember when she had such good cake. She thanked us over and over for everything. What a dear friend she has been to me these many years. I hope this is a good year for her.


camport said...

that cake does look good! Happy Birthday to Florence!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a nice tribute to your friend. Also, I love the part about the gal that asked about Jim -- that's great!

Nancy said...

Are these all patients with Alzheimer's disease? Here, as in most homes, they have a floor just for Alzheinmer's patients. They gather them all around the TV at 4pm to watch Judge Judy! EVERY day!!! Some sleep through it, though. They really are the dearest little ladies, aren't they?

What a beautiful cake!!! Happy Birthday to Florence! So nice that you care, Pam. You, too, Jim! We always loved to visit the nursing home, and when Uncle Will was in Coudy, we'd take the kids along, and they would play piano for the entire floor. The old people loved the duets they played. Doesn't take much to bring joy to an old soul in a home like that...they are just so happy to see people from the outside. Loved how the one little lady was looking Jim over!

God bless Florence and you and Jim, too!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Nancy said...

I just noticed that her birthday is the same day as Grandma Jenny's, except Grandma would have been 121 yesterday! I did a long post about her this morning. Check it out when you have time. I forgot to tell about the time I went up to her apartment to find her watching HBO!!! She said that man on there didn't have any clothes on under his raincoat! She was in awe!!! I said, "Really?" She said, "Oh, yes, but don't tell anyone cause they'll take that channel away from me." Maybe I'll go back in and add that. Somehow, she was getting HBO for free! LOL She was a real hoot back then!!!

Love ya!

Nancy said...

Yes, we all did go up and see her one night, didn't we? She lived up over one of the stores right on Main St. Aunt Naomi is gone now, too....Oh, how I loved her! She always knew what a little girl liked....she always gave me the nicest Christmas and birthday gifts! Crinoline petticoats, fancy robes, lacey nities and slippers....she just knew! She was the best! She always called Stosh "Stoshie" and tried to feed him all the time! Every time we went there, she would stand Timmy (when he was like 3 years old) next to her kitchen stove and have him sing "In the Good Old Summertime" for her, and he did! Those were the best days! She taught me to knit those graph sweaters, and I remember going down after supper every night while Stosh watched the kids. I would sit on the floor in front of her so she could look over my shoulder and watch me knit. Guess we all have great memories tucked away in the cracks of our hearts, don't we? Today is just a teary day for me!!!

Love ya!

Cheryl Wray said...

That cake looks delicious (and so pretty)! Sounds like you really made her day!! She is lucky to have a friend like you.

hippochick said...

Chrissy: The cake was delicious

Liz: She also asked me if he was going to sing. I told her she would be sorry if he did. lOL

Nancy: They are all Alzheimer patients. That whole floor is. The get excellent care. I am so grateful that she can be there.

Cheryl: And I've been lucky to have a friend like her.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Pam, what a nice tribute to Florence. Happy belated birthday to the dear lady. The cake looks yummy!