Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Again

We arrived home about 1:30 PM EDT yesterday, tired, but very happy to be home. You all saw how hard it was for me to leave Nevada. I really like it there. I feel so at home and comfortable. I'm sure if I had to stay through the very hot summer, I would complain, but while we are there all is just wonderful.

But give me a couple of days on the road and I'm thinking home and all the wonderful things that await me here. The only problem is just that. All the things that need to be done to prepare for summer. This morning, I just sat here and wondered, "Where oh where, do I start?"

I have to keep reminding myself that everything doesn't have to be done this week. I am almost all unpacked. That in itself is a great accomplishment. Jim was like a human dynamo today and got a lot of stuff done. I, however, am a much slower starter. I did get to CURVES this morning and managed to get groceries. I thought that was a lot.

This afternoon found me going to calling hours for my friend, Kathy's, dad. He was 96 years old and sat down in his chair and left this life. Oh what a way to go. He was a really great guy and enjoyed his life until it was over.

We have come home to spring and it feels really good. I took some pictures today to prove it.

As you can see, the weeds are very prominent. I guess I need to dig a few dandelions sometime in the next few days. We are at least three weeks ahead of the normal spring. I worry about a really hard frost doing damage.

I know I've made a lot of fun about Jim worrying about his grass, but he was right. The grass is really high. Tomorrow, he'll get the mower overhauled and probably be mowing.

I know we'll get into a groove and catch up soon. Just for now, I'm still a little overwhelmed.

~Hippo Hugs~


Lynilu said...

I'm glad you're home safe. That is one long trip!

I don't worry if I don't get unpacked for a week. Er, make that two weeks! It'll still be there, right?

You'll be caught up in a few days and be ready to go again!

Midlife Mom said...

Glad you are home Pam, safe and sound. Isn't it nice to sleep in ones own bed that first night home? I know you are torn as you love being near the kids but there is no place like home.

We are about three weeks ahead of time this spring too. The weeds are in abundance, I have on my list today to go dig some of them out of my raspberry patch. NOT FUN! Very prickly! ha!

You took some beautiful pictures on your way home! How do you get them grouped like that? It's really nice.

Well duty calls, must go for my walk with Dad. We walk twice a day a mile each time. He's 86 and can walk up a storm!

Michelle said...

You know, in Colombia, we call people like you means something akin to "wanderer" but much nicer. I am so happy you had such a lovely trip.

I have missed you so much, I really need to get back to blogging. Taylor will be having her eye surgery in a few weeks, so I will have to post again!

Miss you BUNCHES!

Laura said...

Welcome home!

pam said...

Welcome home and I am sure you are loving spring...I know we are here in ON. We are pretty much the same climate (I think)