Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leavin' Las Vegas

Here we are in Richfield, UT, resting, sleeping, preparing to continue our journey back home tomorrow.

I love my home in Upstate, NY. I love my friends, my church, my neighbors, but it kills me to leave Nevada each spring. Saying goodbye to Gretchen and Brian breaks our hearts. It is so tearing to leave them. Then I love my Bible study group at Green Valley UMC and the church services. We also have good fellowship with friends at Advent UMC where Brian and Gretchen attend. All in all, we really love our time in Henderson.

But we know when we come out that we will be going back home. We wouldn't want to leave our home permanently, so here we are in this bittersweet moment. Tomorrow will be easier, we will be one day out and looking forward to meeting our friend, Dan A. in Boulder for dinner.

By Friday, my mind will be on our home, the things that need to be done this spring, on our flower and vegetable gardens, on seeing my friends, breakfast with The Losers, getting ready for VBS, and on and on. In other words, I will be fine.

We're looking forward to our summer plans which are many and include a visit from both our girls in July.

In case I sound pathetic and pitiful, here is a picture of just one of the happy spots in my day.

I ordered the silver dollar platter. When it arrived, I had to look twice before I realized that I had Mickey Mouse pancakes. After this fun breakfast, we got in the card on a beautiful, sunshiny day and started home. After all, there's no place like home.

~Hippo Hugs~


Gerrit said...

As in Boulder, CO? Just passing through? Would be great to see you...

Lynilu said...

So bittersweet!

How did Gretchen end up living in NV? And where is your other daughter?It sounds like your girls scattered to the 4 (er, excuse me, 2!!) winds, much like my own did (FL, KS, WA, & NM).