Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crop Talk

Despite colds, flu and other obstacles, Laurie, Emily and I managed to make it to at least part of the weekend scrap. I think, wisely, we decided to forgo the overnight part of the weekend and just go for the day yesterday. It was great.

We left here about 8 AM, stopping to buy milk for Sunday's breakfast on the way. When we arrived at the lodge, some of the overnighters were not even out of bed yet. In their defense, I need to say they had been up until the wee hours creating gorgeous layouts. But lucky for us, breakfast was just being served. The strata was absolutely delicious. So, even though I had had my Special K at home, I was forced to have some strata and fruit. Yum! Yum!

With unpacking, eating breakfast and hugging everyone we hadn't seen for months, it was close to 10 before we got started. And true to my practice, it was a good hour before I had a layout done. I'm working on our trip from NY to NV last winter. I'm going to bare my soul here and tell you that I am not a very creative or expert scrapper. Nevertheless, I LOVE it and am hooked. At the risk of showing my ineptitude, I am going to post a few of the pages I did this weekend. The first ones were of family.

This one is of Paige's little friend Liam. While we were in Chicago, he tested for his "yellow belt" in Tai Kwan Do. It was good to be there and share in the fun.

The second stop on our journey was in Indiana to see Jim's Aunt Geraldine (89 years of age). She even cooked for us. She is such a pip and a joy to be around.

From Indiana, we went to Jim's nephew and his family in Memphis. The blank page is for journaling about this wonderful time with family.

I did, in fact, finish eight pages in eight hours. That was quite a feat for me. But, as I said, most of my layouts are very simple. That really doesn't matter, does it? I just love the whole idea of scrap booking. It brings me such a sense of accomplishment. To say nothing of a day with people I admire and enjoy. People I rarely get to spend time with.

This is Laurie and Mary. Two very special ladies.

Sherry and friends.

By seven o'clock, the sick ones were ready to head on home. It was a terrific day which left us looking forward to the next one, which for me won't be until I come home in April - with tons of pictures from this trip, I hope.


camport said...

no such thing as an inept scrapper! You get your memories down on paper, add some pictures, that's it! That's all the matters. Good for you hammering out a page an hour and most important, having a good time with friends.

Hope this week finds you feeling all better!


Nancy, a cat lover said...

You're out scrapbooking so early in the day, and I haven't even had time to write this week yet. You always were "Johnny on the spot!" Your pages look great!