Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just an ordinary day

Today is just that; an ordinary day. I've been in my work room all afternoon just plugging away at things that need to be done and wondering what I could write about today. Something really clever; something profound; something that would make me sound creative and interesting. Then it came to me, today is just what it is; an ordinary day in the life of an ordinary woman, married to an ordinary man, living in an ordinary town.

And, I ask myself, what's wrong with that? Write what you know. So here goes.

First of all, today is extraordinary in that it is, my old and dear friend, Priscilla's 62nd birthday. I told her in an email today that she can draw her social now. Don't know if she will, but I urged her to. It's so much fun to sit at home, enjoying the gifts God has given you and draw a check every month.

In the ordinariness of this day I:

Visited Florence at the nursing home.
Treated my husband to coffee and a yummy after our visit.
Received an invitation to Jim's family reunion.
Talked to my SIL on her way to Florida. They're in SC and it's summy.
Started looking at crafts for Summer Reading
Booked a program for above Summer Reading.
Made an appointment to have our taxes done.
Checked the airlines to see how many bags we can take on our trip to NV.
Cancelled reservations for a scrapbook weekend I can't attend. (SIGH)
Made dinner reservations for this evening.
Sent several emails.
Read all of my favorite blogs.

You know, my days might be ordinary, but they sure aren't boring. 'Til later, have a great, extraordinary day.


Mississippi Songbird said...

Tell Pricilla Happy Birthday and ordinary is extra-ordinary in God's eyes.. Loved your post. Bunches of hugs!

camport said...

good for you! Live it up in your not-such-a-bad-thing ordinary life!!


jwood said...

Sounds like a wonderful ordinary day!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love lists like this...to see what's going on in people's lives. Sounds like you have some great stuff coming up!!!!

Nancy said...

What an exceptional post! Loved it! That is a such a wonderful way of looking at any ordinary day, and we all have them. Every day, even an ordinary day, is special when you reach our age!