Monday, January 7, 2008

January (UGH) Thaw

It was 65 degrees in the Rochester today!! 65 Degrees!! Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. I might run the risk of making enemies by saying this, but I HATE January thaws. I put it to you, what would you rather see looking out your window in January, beautiful white snow or THIS?

Would you choose this?

or this?

Okay, I rest my case. I guess it doesn't take a genius to ascertain that I'm a bit cranky today. Take the weather, bleak and drab (okay, warm too) add eleven days of this grippe and I readily admit to being a bit on the bucky side.

There were some positive happenings today. I felt some better so I actually got dressed in real clothes. I told Jim that if he was a good boy, I'd take him to the library. He's been reading like a fiend since he can't do much else with his right hand.

Did I mention he had carpal tunnel surgery on Friday? He is really dong well and has done exactly as the Dr. told him. He has definitely earned a treat. So, off we went to the library. Since we were out, we might as well treat ourselves further, so we stopped at a little breakfast place on the way. It was a cute little cafe and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

On to the library where we found several books to keep us from going totally stir crazy. Oh yes, another positive of the day was that since it was warm, I felt totally safe in taking poor Olivia to the car wash. Why did we buy a black car? Oh yes, I remember the price was right and my dear old Electra was near death.

The afternoon brought a lovely nap and some time to read. We had a great dinner. Now I hope to write to my MIL (Jim writes her a little bit every day and mails it once a week). Since he can't write, I thought I'd take over for this week. I did make an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. This thing is just hanging on way too long and I want to feel good for the weekend. I'm off to a two-day scrap-a-thon and I need to be feeling my best - well, better than this anyway. I'm so excited. I haven't done any scrapping since early December.

Okay, I'll close for now. Forgive my crabbing about the weather. Just five weeks from tomorrow, we'll be in Vegas (Henderson, actually) enjoying the sun for six whole weeks. YESSS!!


Nancy, a cat lover said...

I must agree with you...I would choose the snow, too! For me, it's either GREEN or WHITE, no in-betweens! Do hope you are 100% better soon!

Tracy said...

I have been feeling unsettled about this unusual weather. It ain't right. So muddy and strange. This morning I discovered that Kaylyn & Cami slept with window open all night! I've never heard of that in January before! I know what's missing...there's no delightful fragrance of "green" out there. Just dank.