Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Starting Over

This has been such a wonderful day. Before I write about it though, I need to express how disappointed I am about my terrible attitude of the last two posts. When will I learn that I am not in charge? I am truly one of God's brat children, continually insisting on having my own way. How patient He is with me as He tries over and over again to teach me that life isn't all about me.
I didn't sleep well last night. Could it be guilt over my bad attitude that kept me awake. It's bad enough to have such a terrible attitude, but then to announce it to the world, oh my! Anyway, in spite of only 4 hours sleep, I awoke with a new outlook on life, determined to face the world with a smile. Part of the reason for that is that my darling husband, who btw has the cold now, said, "So we start the New Year a little later than everyone else. That doesn't mean we can't begin with resolve." Isn't he oh so wise? Is it any wonder I love him so.
So, I left my darling home blowing his nose and went off to see the doctor. She, by the way, didn't think I was a wimp, rather gave me an antibiotic and a nose spray. She is really a sweetheart. I think I'd go see her even if I didn't have medical issues. Because I dawdled this morning, I didn't get to eat breakfast. Hence I decided to stop at McDonald's and have a sausage/egg McMuffin. I can't remember the last time I ate McDonald's but it was good. I could just feel my arteries clogging.
Another 60+ degree day, led me to give Homer a bath at the roadside car wash. How could I treat one car better than the other?
Arriving home, it's only mid-morning and I am not yet exhausted. Yippee!! So, finally, I get to the Christmas decorations.

I've always said that there's nothing so over as Christmas. Isn't that true? My house still looks pretty bare as I am determined to clean before I put everything back in place. I don't know when that will be. I hope before Easter!!!

When that was done I took advantage of the warm day and dismantled the tree on the porch. I can't store it away. That will have to wait for Jim's hand to heal. But at least it is taken down and in the storage box.
NOW, the good part. All that was done by about 2 P.M. and I had the whole rest of the afternoon to myself. I came into my work room and stamped cards. It has been sooo wonderful. I have Nora Jones and Josh Groban on the cd player. Odd combination, huh? As the afternoon sun was setting, Jim, who was watching the food network and reading, knocked on the door and said Sandra Lee said it was cocktail time. Sure enough, he had a glass of wine for me. Talk about a perfect afternoon.

Here are some of the cards I made.

This is my favorite stamp at the moment. It is so versatile.

This is Priscilla's birthday card. I'm safe in showing it. She doesn't read my blog.

I love this one. I messed it up, so just tore the corner and stamped inside.
I just love being able to screw up and make it look artistic.

This one is so simple and easy. I plan to mass produce it for birthdays, get well and thank you notes.

I know this has been an extremely long post, but I just had to share my wonderful day - and my repentance. Sleep well and sweet dreams.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden,

and I will give you rest

Matthew 11:28


camport said...

You are such a sweet person. Your first few lines of this post, just made me say, "Awww." And then to throw in all that sweetness about your husband! You need to do a post about how you two met and your secrets to marriage.

You are just the sweetest, hippest{Nora Jones?!?}, 62 year old{that's what your profile says, but I don't really believe it} I know!


OH! and your package is on it's way. :)

Nancy, a cat lover said...

Sounds like you are feeling a whole lot better! I am glad. We all have had days when we felt exactly like you did. The flu bug is the guilty culprit, so you shouldn't feel bad about anything you wrote. Love your cards!!! You are just too clever!!! And yes, you are so lucky to have Jim!!!