Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Answering Cheryl's Random Thursday

Cheryl did a fun MeMe on her post today. Thought I'd do the same.
Alphabetical Facts About Me
Age - 64
Bed Size - Queen
Chore you hate - Vacuuming
Dog's Name - It was Frazier. If I ever get another dog, male or female, it will be McKeever.
Essential item to start my day - Coffee.
Favorite Color - That's hard. It sometimes changes from day to day. This summer it is undoubtedly orange and turquoise blue. I also love brown. Is that weird or what???
Gold or Silver - Both.
Height - This is a sore subject. I used to be 5'5-1/2" tall. Now they say I am 5'4-1/2. My mom always said old people shrink.
Instruments you play - Like Cheryl, I didn't stick to instrument lessons. I took piano lessons, but quit. I started a horn in Jr. High, but that was way too hard.
Job Title - Retired Librarian. Enjoyer of life.
Kids - Oh yeah, kids. Paige, age 36 and Gretchen age 33. Then there is my precious son-in-law, Brian, age 35. I love them all to pieces.
Living Arrangements - I live with my best friend in a grey salt box house that I love.
Mom's name - Lucy.
Nicknames - Hukey. Don't even ask. (Nancy, do you remember that? John Freer named me that)
Overnight hospital stays - More than I care to remember. Ten - at least.
Pet Peeve - Negativity.
Quote from a movie - Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. He's been partly dead most of the day.
Right or left hand - Right.
Siblings - I had a younger brother, Bob and a younger sister, Nancy. They are both deceased.
Time you wake up - that really varies depending on what the plans are for the day. I will admit, I love to sleep in. 8 A.M. is about my average time now that I'm retired.
Underwear - Clean and mended. My mom always said that you never know when you might be in an accident and your underwear should be in good shape just in case.
Vegetables you dislike - Beets and Eggplant to name two. There are others.
Ways you drink coffee - Black with Sweet 'n Low. I also love Mocha, both hot and cold. My newest favorite is a McDonald's Mocha Frappe. Yummy.
X-rays - Many.
Yummy food you prepare - Crepes. Strawberry Pie. Chicken Divan. I really like to cook.
Favorite Zoo Animal - Need you ask? Hippos!!!
Maybe one of you would like to post the ABC's about you.
~Hippo Hugs~
"I do not understand how anyone can
live without one small place of
enchantment to turn to."
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings


pam said...

How fun!! Great answers, and good tip on the underwear:)

Laura said...

Love, love, love this, Pam! I hadn't had a chance to see this on Pam's blog yet...just going through my google reader now...too many to read, but I starred this to do later!

Laura said...

Sorry, I meant Cheryl's blog.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I enjoyed your answers to this meme, Pam. Yeah, height is a sore subjest with me as well. I used to be 5'2 (boys used to sing the 5'2, eyes of blue, song to me, when I was a teenager. Haha.) And now I've turned into a 5 foot midget! :-(. I used to love to cook when my kids and I were young, but these days, cooking for one is a bore. But I do love to make crepes! I make the Hungarian version, called palacsinta, and put delectable fillings into them.

Fun answers!



Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE your answers!!!

I want you to be my chef (crepes...yummm!!) and of course it's Hippos!!!

Nancy said...

Great answers!!! And yes, I remember the nickname "Hukie." Who could forget that one? LOL

I am so far behind in reading blogs...a good month behind!!! Thanks to Farm Town on FB! LOL

((( HUGS )))