Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Musings

There are lots of ideas and thoughts running around in my head today. It's a really nice, normal May day. After my walk, I finished my project....Well, I finished the part I can do. We are going to do a remodel in here, but that needs to wait until Jim's hand is healed from his upcoming surgery.

Did you notice, there are even some empty spots on the shelves. Look out Mich*aels.

I even bit the bullet and weeded this book shelf. I have two bags of books to donate to the library's book sale.

That project done, it's time to move on to something more fun, like aprons. But, no, wait a minute. This is sitting in the garage waiting for my attention.

Because Jim helps me with spreading the mulch, I need to get my gardens weeded and the mulch spread before Jim's fourth hand surgery later this month. After that, I'll be on my own for the outside work for the rest of the summer.

Our plan for mowing is that he will mow with the rider all that he can and I will do the trimming with the hand mower. I haven't mowed in years, since the girls were little. This should be a test of my skill and endurance, as well as Jim's patience.

And then there's the vegetable garden. Last year, with Jim's hand surgery and my broken wrist, we had to forgo our vegetable garden. Although we went to the farmer's market as often as possible, we really missed our garden. So, the deal this year is that he will do the tilling and whatever before his surgery and he will supervise while I do the planting. I'll keep you posted on that one.

So, I guess you can why my aprons will have to wait a little. No mind, I'll get to them and the anticipation might just increase my pleasure. In the meantime, I really do need to make some Mother's Day cards for my aunts, so I'll get a little craft action in this week.

Our weekend was good. We walked on the high school track early on Saturday morning, and then went to buy mulch. I thought we should celebrate the mulch purchase with a trip to Weg*man's and a whole wheat muffin and coffee.

We met our friends Bruce & Shelly for barbcue in the evening. It was yummy. We had a really nice time. We hadn't seen Shelly since before we went to Henderson. It was a great evening which I paid for with heart burn. Too much barbcue and wine, I think.

Jim took a day trip to PA to see his mom yesterday. They had a nice lunch out and a great visit. I stayed home and vegged out.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

~Hippo Hugs~

"Everywhere is walking distance if you have time."

Steven Wright


pam said...

I am sure everything will work out with Jim's surgery, it sounds like you have things planned out pretty good.

Glad you had a day to relax. Hope your Monday was good as well.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Oh, my, you have accomplished a lot! Your plan sounds good, and it will work just fine, I'm sure. Greg does the big mowing around here with the rider, and I do smaller spots around the house with the push mower. I figure it's just more exercise, and that can never hurt.

My small garden is in. I have tomatoes, zucchini, cucmbers and a few rows of green beans. And a nice salad garden which is providing me withd delicious salads already.

Loved the pictures. I wish Jim well with the upcoming hand surgery.

Got to go. I am taking a kitty under the weather to the vet this morning. Have a wonderful day!



camport said...

WOW! It's so organized!! You're right tho, there's a loooooooot of empty spaces.

Good luck with all the gardening and mulching and mowing. Can't wait to see some of those aprons!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for the garden (and remodel)! Also, I usually read you through a burner, so have missed out on your new banner -- it's AWESOME!

=) HUGS to you!

Faye said...

Pam, I am SO impressed with how organized and tidy your room is now. It must be spring Fever....we all seem to have a added boast of energy :)
Sounds like you both have yourselves organized for the yard work this summer too.

Midlife Mom said...

Oh you just have to fill those empty spaces with some new loot from Michael's! I can't stand to have any empty spaces in my craft cupboard. It does seem to fill up rather quickly! haha!

My best wishes to your hubby on his hand surgery. My Dad's hand was closing right up and he couldn't open it so had surgery on it and it was a complete success!

You have lots of projects to do. Me too and I just can't seem to get at all of them but now that my kitchen is back in order I don't have any excuses! It just seems so good to be able to cook again and even get a cold drink of water when I am thirsty. Yea! kitchen!

After you get your garden planted will you come help me???!!!

Nancy said...

You have made some great progress! Love it that you can now go out and buy more! It looks so neat and orderly. Doesn't it feel good when you get a project like that done?!?! I'm impressed but not motivated. ha-ha

Sounds like you have things worked out pretty well for the summer work with Jim's hand surgery. Once you've mowed grass, you never forget how! ha-ha

Nice that Jim got to go down and see his mom again! Gee, she's hanging in there, isn't she? Think we'll make it to that age? Hope so for both of us!

Don't work too hard now. Know the new mulch is going to look great! I always love the fresh, clean look of new mulch!

((( HUGS )))

Cheryl Wray said...

It all looks so great!!!!!!

And I just LOVE that final quote. So, so true.

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday so far!