Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a Blogger's World

I just love the comic strip, Pickles. Maybe it's knowing Jim and I aren't quite there yet, but will be someday that makes it so appealing to me. Whatever the reason, I really get a giggle out of it most days.

Here is a recent strip that I couldn't resist sharing with all of you.

There were more following this, but for some reason, I can't get my scanner to work. I've never had a problem with it before, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I'll keep fiddling with it and see if I have any luck later.

While I was in the process of organizing my office/craft room, I came across a Buddy Holly cd. I haven't played it in years and put it in the cd player. What a trip back in time! I downloaded it to my Ipod and have been having a ball walking to this wonderful old rock 'n roll music.

Do any of you remember Buddy Holly? He was only on the R 'n R scene as a successful singer for a short time. I distinctly remember the Day the Music Died. I was 15 years old and really into rock 'n roll. I loved every song Buddy Holly and Richie Valens sang. We heard the news in the morning on the way to school that these singers along with The Big Bopper had died in a plane crash. It was as if someone in our school had been killed. It's all we talked about that day in the halls.

Wilkepedia says that Buddy Holly was "the single most influential creative force in early Rock 'n Roll." I didn't know anything about that, but I sure did appreciate his songs. Does anyone remember..

  • That'll Be The Day
  • Peggy Sue
  • Rave On
  • Think it Over
  • It's So Easy
  • True Love Ways
  • Raining In My Heart

Listening to these songs has brought back memories of ponytailed teenagers in loafers and bobby sox giggling on the way to home ec class, passing notes in study hall, hoping a special boy will talk to you or better yet, sit near you at lunch. Those were the days of American Bandstand, The Edge of Night (daily soap), sock hops and hula hoops. I wouldn't want to relive those days for any amount of money, but a trip down memory lane does bring a smile to my lips.

Buddy Holly

September 7, 1936-February 3, 1959

~Hippo Hugs~

"Minds are like parachutes,

they only function when open."

Thomas DeWar


Faye said...

Oh my, I remember Buddy Holly and most of those songs even though I was only 3 years-old when he died. I remember those songs and songs of that whole era being played over and over on my transister radio :)

Renie Burghardt said...
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Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Hahaha, on the comic strip. Eileen, who is not into computers at all, always refers to it as "your bog." And sometimes, a blogger can be a "bugger," eh? Hahaha. There was this guy, who, for some reason became a follower of mine. Never having seen him before, I clicked on his picture to check out hig blog. And I clicked away pretty quickly, after I saw, never returning! I'll just let you use your imagination on what his "blog" was all about.

Ah, I loved Buddy Holly! He was really from my era. He rocked! Thanks for the memory.

Have a great weekend!



Renie Burghardt said...


For some reason "bugger" published my comment twice, so I deleted one of them. Sheesh!



pam said...

Great trip down memory lane. Even though Buddy Holly was before my time, I know him well.

Midlife Mom said...

LOVED the song Peggy Sue!! What a nice trip down memory lane this morning!! All the things you wrote about I experienced! ha! Seems like they were easier times but I wouldn't go back for anything either. I do miss the fact that they were more innocent times, the stuff on tv now just makes me blush sometimes! Great post!

Dagmar said...

Hi Pam;

Love your blog post today and your quote...have a happy Mother's Day.

Laura said...

I loved this post, Pam! And guess what?! I even remember Band Stand AND Edge of NIght! I remember my after school babysitter was a big EON fan!! Actually, my parents had "their music" on old 8-track tapes and every Sunday morning, that's how my dad would wake us up for breakfast! He would cook Sunday breakfast and play those crazy 8-tracks!! Thanks for MY memories, too!

Oh! And that comic strip is priceless!

Nancy said...

I remember that day all so well, too. Big brother Jake used to sing Peggy Sue all the time at home...drove me crazy with it! And of course we had all those 45's of his, too. Those really were the good old days, weren't they? And I loved growing up where we lived and went to school together.

Another great post!

((( HUGS )))