Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day from the Final Frontier

When Jim asked me what I would like to do for Mother's Day, I had no trouble in coming up with an answer. I told him I wanted to go where this Mother had never gone before, and I wanted to get their via the Starship Enterprise. That's is trekkies, I wanted to see the new Star Trek movie.

Although I don't go to conventions or dress up in costume, I do consider myself, at least a mild Trekkie. I am sure I have seen every original episode of Star Trek at least three times if not more. We own several of the Star Trek movies, my favorite being Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home.

There was Captain James Tiberius Kirk, always calm, always in control, always saving the day. Who wouldn't want to follow him?

Remember, Spock, the half human, half Vulcan who spent his life trying to remain logical and denying his humanness. In spite of his strong Vulcan will, there were times when his humanity showed through.

My favorite, though, was crotchety Dr. McCoy, Bones for short. He, along with the engineer Scottie, always added a bit of humor to the shows.

We felt lost when the series ended and had to appease ourselves with watching rerun after rerun for several years. And then, along came Star Trek the Next Generation and.....

Jean Luc Picard. The Picard was everything a Trekkie could hope for and more. I have Jim's blessing in my infatuation with The Picard (since we all know it's just a fantasy). I did so enjoy the "Next Generation", many of those episodes which we watched over again. We also saw all the movies which were spawned by this series.

So, today we went back in time to the birth of Star Trek and the early lives of Spock, Kirk, Chekov, McCoy,Scottie and the rest of the crew.

Even though I found the plot a little confusing at times, I thoroughly enjoyed this motion picture. I won't give away any of the plot, but will say that the essence of the characters have been perfectly recreated in this prequel.

It is my hope that we will have many more hours of entertainment from these bright and entertaining young people. There are galaxies yet to be explored and I think the producer, director and actors of this film are capable of taking us there.

~Happy Mother's Day and Hippo Hugs~





Winifred said...

Yuu lucky duck!

I'm going to come out of the closet and admit I'm a Star Trek fan too.

Right from the first ones I had to watch it and my family used to laugh at me. I loved Mr Spock! It got much better when they made the films, they were brill.

My daughter eventually got me to like the Next Generation, took me ages though. I missed Mr Spock! I have to say I absolutely loved Deep Space 9. It was so quirky.

Not sure about going back in time to see the prequel. I didn't like the Star Wars ones at all. However of you think it was good I might give it a go.

Happy Mothers Day Pam.

Cheryl Wray said...

I absolutely LOVED the new Star Trek movie!!!! I thought it was fabulous...and I thought the casting of the characters was just perfect!

I do consider myself a bit of a Trekkie. Next Generation is my favorite series (I guess because it came out while I was in college, so it's definitely of "my generation")..and I've even bee nknown to attend a Star Trek convention. But you already knew I was a Nerd. LOL

We went out with friends to see the movie and had an absolute blast!

After my picture post tomorrow about Mother's Day and softball, I may have to post about Star Trek.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...


Seriously, I have pointed ears and Mom says it's because she watched so much ST when expecting me. Then, I was a fan. And, I loved the new movie, too! So happy to find out there are others out there, too (yes, I have a tribble and the plans for the Enterprise, too) it bad! Can you say geek? Yeah. But, I can live with that, too... LOL!

Peace and long life, my friend!

=) Liz

Dagmar said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Glad you had a wonderful day, Miss Trekie!!!

Tracy said...

I never knew you were a Trekkie. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day. Happy Mothers Day!

camport said...

That's awesome! I'm not a Trekkie, but I think it's great that you got to indulge in something you love on Mother's Day!


pam said...

When Tom and I first started dating we were so into Jean Luc! We can't wait to see this one.

Nancy said...

I never knew you were a Trekkie! I must admit that is something that never interested me. Why, I can't explain. There is no explanation. We just never got into it nor did our children. I'm sure it had wonderful plots, though. I see it comes on some TV station every morning at 6 here...maybe I should watch an episode or two and see what I may have been missing. I'd really rather watch Little House on the Prairie reruns. That was my family's favorite show when out kids were growing up.

Interesting post, thoug! I learned some things I nevewr knew!

((( HUGS )))