Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mammogram Day

So, you all know it didn't start out that well. Actually, the start was pretty good. Seeing how it's Thursday, it was Loser's Breakfast. Small group. Sandi, Kathy, Linda and me. It was good to see everyone and catch up though.

Following that good start to my day, was, the dreaded mammogram. Let me stop right here and say this. Although it isn't the most pleasant thing we do in a year, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that all women over (I think the age is 40) have a yearly mammogram. I know that there is some controversy surrounding this subject, but I believe with all my hear that it can't do any harm, and it can, in fact, save your life.

I'm not sure how Phil Mickelson's wife discovered her cancer, but I'm convinced that early detection will give her a more than fighting chance. I hope you will join me in praying for her and for her family in this difficult time.

Okay, now that I'm out of the pulpit, I'll talk about the rest of my day. After I left the radiation lab, I was off to McDonalds (or Dick Donald's as Kristen says) for a Mocha Frappe. I was soooo sleepy that I thought I'd have to take a nap in the parking lot. Thankfully, the caffeine in the frappe was enough to wake me up.
My first stop, in a very busy day, was Michael's where I bought Tee Shirts for some of the VBS staff.

Aren't these cool colors? We have iron on transfers for them too. The best part is that they were 5 for $10.

After Michael's, it was on to J. Jill. Because I donated four items to the Battered Women's Shelter, I received four 10% off coupons. And, you guessed it, I used them all.

I actually bought two tanks.
Then it was on to Bath & Body Works for shampoo. And, that's all I bought.

Although, there was a 2 for $10 sale and I bought two.

After that, I went to Macy's for intimate apparel. I almost hate that job as much as I hate the mammogram.

There was grocery shopping and lunch and then I went to see Florence. I had a bright idea to stop at Dick Donald's to get her an ice cream. She can only eat pureed foods at this point, but I know how much she used to love ice cream. She was so happy to get it. I fed it to her with a spoon and she kept saying, "Oh, this tastes so good." At one point she said, "This is so advertising." I laughed and agreed with her. A couple of minutes later she said, "This is so refreshing" which is what she meant to say in the first place. It was such a wonderful 40 minutes out of my day. The ice cream brought smiles and laughter from her. I need to remember to do that more often.

I knew I'd be tired by the time I got home again, so I bought a rotisserie chicken at Wegman's. That with some red potatoes and green beans made a delightful dinner for Jim (who is really doing well after his surgery and I).

While I was gone the new washing machine and freezer were delivered. That purchase, added to all this clothing shopping I've been doing, should put a shut down on spending in our household for a while.

Okay, now I'm going to go off on a different tangent. I'm a pretty apolitical person, but I have a question. Just what is up with Dick Cheney????

~Hippo Hugs~

The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay.

Love isn't love 'til you give it away.



pam said...

Hey, you had coupons, you couldn't let that go to waste. Enjoy those new clothes and appliances.

Diane said...

I love shopping...and deals/coupons make it more fun! Enjoy your new stuff. I think I posted about the Dillard's Outlet in NC...WOW, did we ever enjoy that.

You are SO right. Mammograms ARE necessary...I'm a poor example. I'm overdue, but will definitely get one this year. As with anything, early detection is the key. Had they not found my FIL's EKG suspicious and did the heart cath, he would have had a heart attack.

Glad Jim is doing well.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

I just had a check up Tuesday, and Tina, my nurse practioner wants me to make an appointment for a mammogram. I told her soon, but I dread it.

Wow, you did lots of shopping. My second favorite activity. LOL.

How nice that you took ice cream to Florence. Sounds like she really enjoyed it.

I am so glad Jim is doing so well. Have a great weekend!



Monogram Queen said...

Well it was certainly a varied day for you but I like the shopping part best! I have my mammo appt next week - I just hope I can keep it with the new job. I always get nervous because BC runs rampant in my family. Continued healing vibes to Jim!!!

P.S. I giggled at DickDonalds!!!

Midlife Mom said...

Due to my family history I have to have an MRI instead of a mammogram every year. It doesn't hurt as much but you have to position yourself to fit into the two holes if you get my I don't like being in that tube but I do what I have to do. My Mom is a 17 year breast cancer survivor and it's all due to a mammogram! I agree, ladies get that done if it's the only thing you do for yourself each year!!!!!

Great shopping! Oh how I love coupons! Yea! Sure wish we would get a J. Jill but I'm sure this is way too far in the woods for that. I keep asking them if we are going to get a Chicos and so far it's a resounding NO! lol!

I fell asleep in a parking lot once! I was so tired and I thought I would just sit there for a few minutes and went out like a light! ha! I'm lucky the cops didn't come along and tap on my window! But I felt that was better then driving when I was so drowsy.

Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!! xoxox

Nancy said...

Poor Florence....I know she had to enjoy your visit and the ice cream. Bless her heart!

Guess I already commented on your shopping in the post below this one. I get mixed up! LOL

I did doze off out front here in my car a few weeks ago. The young man across the street woke me pounding on the car window! He thought I was dead!!! LOL He said he was ready to call 9-1-1. bad thing of it was that it was so hot that day and I had never even opened the car it was mightly hot in there when he woke me! They must think I am a fruitcake!!! Oh, well....that's how it gets after you hit the 60 mark! ha-ha

((( HUGS )))