Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

When I woke up at the obscene hour of 9:30 this A.M., I could see my day spread out in shambles before me. I had such a long, long list of things that really needed to be done. No kidding. I made the list before I went to bed last night, dreamed about it all night long, and was appalled when I realized the day was so far gone before I even rolled out of bed.

I don't know, maybe I should sleep in like that every day because I hopped out of bed and started moving with a fury. Even before I went downstairs to get my coffee, I changed the bed, cleaned the bathroom and put away a ton of jewelry I had left laying all over my dresser.

By the time Jim came home from breakfast with the guys, I had a load of laundry in the machine and was reading the paper. The rest of the morning went like clockwork. I worked on my VBS project for about an hour and accomplished way more than I had hoped. At that point, I realized that I was going to reach my day's goals and invited Jim to join me for lunch out and a walk on the canal.

You guessed it. He jumped at the chance. Sitting around with his hand in the air isn't a lot of fun for Jim. He can just read so much and then the day begins to get a little long. The PA gave him permission to begin walking again as long as he keeps his hand above his heart. He has had a lot of practice with that, so off we went.

After a lunch of soup and a shared sandwich, we went over to the canal and began walking. It was a really nice day. I didn't take my camera thinking, "What could I see that I'd want to take a picture of?" Huh! My new motto is "Just take it." We saw three sets of goose parents and their sweet little goslings swimming on the canal. It is so neat to watch them. One parent swims in the lead, followed by the little ones and backed up by the other parent. As if that wasn't enough, we saw a beautiful heron in flight and the most wonderful patches of wild flox. I'm so sorry there are not pictures.

The canal path passes "DickDonalds" where we stopped for some Mcfreshment. I am so addicted to the new Mocha Frappes. Yum, yum. We ended our journey at the greenhouse where I bought a few more flowers to plant.

Now we're home again and I'm going to finish my book. We decided on a very light supper so I can indulge myself for an hour or so.

~Hippo Hugs~

"Friendship is a strong and habitual

inclination in two persons to promote

the good and happiness of

one another."

"Eustace Budgell"


Dana said...

what are you reading?

hippo chick said...

Hi Dana,

I'm reading a Harlan Coban mystery. I met him at a library conference in 2002. He is a really interesting man.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Well, once you got going, you got a lot accomplished! The walk at the canal sounds so nice. Too bad you didn't take your camera along. But, next time, right?

Well, you know where I went to lunch, and we walk along the river pathways after lunch. Very nice too, but it was getting a wee bit warm so didn't walk our usual hour.

We usually go to Mc'D's Fridays, after doing some flea marketing.

Enjoy your book this evening.


Renie Burghardt said...

PS. I love the quote! Forgot to add that. Bye....

hippo chick said...

Renie, It was very humid on our walk too.

Faye said...

Pam, a list is just a list! Nice that you got much of it accomplished, but there are those days when you just have to crumple and toss :)
So glad ypou had a great day and enjoyed time with Jim to top it all off.

Midlife Mom said...

Sometimes I get more done when I have to scoot around like you did today. Like when I look at the clock and it's about 4:30 and Hubby will be home in an hour hungry for dinner and I have been out playing with the horses all afternoon! I can really fly! lol!
What program are you using for VBS? We use the Sonrise series and it is sooooooo good!

pam said...

Sounds like a lovely day. The perfect way to spend a lovely spring afternoon!

Thank you for not giving up when trying to leave your comments. I love your hippo hugs:)

Nancy said...

It is really surprising how much we can accomplish when given just so much time! I do the same thing, but those are the days when I fly and get more done than planned! You had one busy day!!!
Glad it worked out so well for you!!!

((( HUGS )))