Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paige

a fringe of red

around a precious head...

I thought you were an angel.

a perfect nose

a rosebud mouth...

you surely were an angel.

ten toes, ten fingers

I held you in my arms....

how dear to me, my angel.

years go by

you grow and change...

and still, you are my angel.

through time and tide

and differing ideals...

you'll always be my angel.

Happy Birthday, Paige.


Renie Burghardt said...

Happy Birthday, Paige! May all your birthday wishes and dreams come true! And may many blessings come your way today and throughout the year!

Birthday Hugs,


Monogram Queen said...

Oh now that was too sweet! Happy Birthday Dear Paige!

Cheryl Wray said... sweet!!!

Happy Birthday to your birthday girl. I hope Paige had a fabulous day!!

pam said...

Paige - Happy Birthday!!!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Paige! Love this sweet, just like you, Pam!

((( HUGS )))