Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings

Even though I haven't posted for several days, I'm really having a hard time coming up with something interesting to talk about. We've been busy, and have accomplished much, but most of it's rather boring.

Friday was a perfectly lovely day here. The temperature was around 73 degrees, sunny, blue skies. A perfect day to do spring projects. Jim really got busy early in the morning.

Being the prince that he is, and knowing that I would want to sit on my summer porch sometime during the day, he cleared all the Christmas wreaths, trees and winter junk out. Then he vacuumed and put the rugs and furniture back where it belonged. This is the site that greeted me when I came downstairs on Friday morning:

Not being a shirker, he then went straight to work on his garage. I wish I had taken a picture of it before he started. It was just ugly, full of winter salt, mud, stones, etc. Once it dried out he, of course, had to move all the things back in. It really looks nice.

In the meantime, I decided to clean out a section of the desk in my office/work room. Maybe you can guess what that led to...

I'm still in the middle of a BIG MESS but I have decided this was a necessity. I have piles of things that I am determined will not go back in this room. I am really trying to be ruthless in culling out the mess. Jim is very proud of me. I know I'll be happy when it's done, but for now, it seems like an endless task, especially when I'd rather be stamping or scrapping or making aprons.

Speaking of aprons, here is some really fun summer fabric I found the other day. All on sale at JoAnne's. I'm hoping to make aprons soon. I keep telling everyone I'm not a seamstress, but an apron is the first thing we sewed in 7th grade Home Ec. Let's see if I remember what my dear Mrs. Streeter taught me. (Nancy, I think it was really Mrs. Painter who taught us to make aprons. I just didn't love her like I did Ma).
Saturday was an even warmer day than Friday and with that, I think Spring really sprung in our little corner of the world.

The forsythia is just beautiful this year. Jim and I went out to lunch today and we couldn't believe how everything has blossomed forth over the weekend. The Magnolia trees are just gorgeous. Here's my little peach tree that just sprouted blooms this weekend.

And now, even though my office still looks like the Merry Ned, I'm going to take this and sit on my porch and read for a few minutes.

~Hippo Hugs~

"The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get

kind that comes from within: strength, courage, dignity.

Ruby Dee


Dana said...

I was wondering if you could send Jim my way, please? I have a garage that needs to be cleaned out and he does great work! *grin*

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, Dana beat me to it, but I sure would like to borrow your Prince Jim to do some cleaning out around here!

Your post wasn't boring at all. It reminded me of all the stuff I still have to do around here.

Love your forsythia. Mine bloomed early in March, and my peach trees have little peaches on them. But I love the blooming stage, and your little peach looks sweet.

You make aprons? Hope you show us some that you made.

Oh, and I love the Ruby Dee quote!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, Pam.



pam said...

Around here, everything has really come to life over the weekend. I think my lawnboy will be cutting the grass by the weekend.

There is the material you were talking about. I can't wait to see you finished product!

samport said...

I want a sunroom like that! I told Sean it's a must with our next house. What a sweet man to get it all set for you to use.

Can't wait to see those aprons!


camport said...

Grr. Sean didn't sign out, but you know who I am.


Cheryl Wray said...

Yeah, Jim could seriously do some work around my house. Do you hire him out? LOL

Love to see the new buds blooming.

Have a wonderful day!

Tracy said...

Yes! Spring finally feels like a reality. Your place looks great all spiffed up. Brian needs to get after his mess in the garage. And I've told him so 4,357 times. **sigh**

Tracy said...

I forgot to mention - I love your apron idea. I wish I still has some of my grandmother's.
since you're clearing out your craft stash - the library received literature in the mail today from Materials Exchange of Western 7 Central NY and there are several children's programs who are looking for donations of paper and supplies. I'll keep it on my desk. I should send them some of my stash!

Winifred said...

Can I join the queue to rent Jim out please? You'll make a fortune with a treasure like that.

I have a garage that is horrendous, can't get into it any more. My son left his sports car in it when he got married - 7 years ago!

Faye said...

Pam, Maybe hitting the road with Jim might be the ticket to your Million$!! Imagine having Jim come clean and declutter for us all :)
Love your sun looks so cheerful :)

Nancy said...

Looks I had the same idea as everyone selling Jim's services! LOL I could sure use him here to help me out! Things do collect, don't they??? LOL I hate to do things like that by myself, anymore....

Aprons....yes, I remember Mrs. was her who taught us how to make the aprons. I, too, loved Ma Streeter...bless her heart. The boys gave her quite a rough time in study halls, and she'd get so upset with them. Wasn't Home Ec fun back in those days!!! We had some great times those last 2 periods on Mondays!!! The last apron I made was the Aunt Jem*ima one for Tammy. I want to make myself one whenever time permits! Looking forward to your pics when you get your aprons made!!! Your fabrics are so pretty for aprons...such Spring-eee colors.

I love the different colored chairs in your sunroom!!! Neat idea!

I am so far behind in reading blogs again! It's been a bad time for me as well as one of my little feral cats. Both of us are having heart problems!

Great post for having trouble coming up with something interesting to talk about!

((( HUGS ))) from Dixie!

Diane said...

Like Nancy, I'm SO far behind on reading blogs. I vowed to only read the latest posts. Even though I would love to read more, time just doesn't allow.

You and Jim have been quite busy. It looks great! It's hard to get started on projects sometimes, but when you do, it's hard to stop! One thing leads to another. I have tons to do and will dive in as soon as life shows a lull.