Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April - No Foolin'

What a beautiful day it is this April 1, 2009. Although nobody has tried to fool me today, I did wonder for a minute or two at 6 A.M. Jim was poking me, saying, "Get up, Pam. The phone is ringing." Maybe he even said, "your phone is ringing." Just like babies crying in the middle of the night, then they were mine. Anyway, I ran into the living room, answered the phone.

Me - Hello!
Caller - Hello!
Me - Hello!
Caller - Hello!
Me - Who is this?
Caller - I'm looking for Frank.
Me - You have the wrong number - CLICK

Honestly, I am usually quite gracious about wrong numbers, but at 6 A.M., my nice genes just weren't working. As I crawled back into bed, I wondered if maybe that was my crazy brother in law, but either it wasn't or he is no longer speaking to me.

It has been a really fun couple of days. I don't know if I mentioned it or not that we were going to spend the day with Brian and Gretchen yesterday. These kids are so good to us. They get to spend so little time together because of their differing work schedules, nevertheless, they manage to spend at least one of their days off with us while we are here.

They are always taking us places and showing us new things, so Jim was thrilled yesterday to be able to take them someplace they haven't been yet. We drove out to the Colorado River and a little spot called Eldorado Canyon Trading Company. We had gone there with Linda and Jason while they were here. It was a great day and both B&G loved the spot. They are planning escapes there already.

Everyone tried skipping some stones, but Jim was the champion with six skips. Pretty good for an old guy, huh?

Our Blue Lagoon. What a delightful spot.

Brian and Gretchen are already planning a canoe trip/picnic.

We had lunch at a little outdoor cafe/wine cellar in Boulder City. I love that restaurant (and their yummy wine). I was really hoping we'd get back out there one more time this trip. YIPPEE!! After lunch, Gretchen thought we should have ice cream so we stopped at a DQ. I think everyone was astonished when I told them that I had never before been to a DQ. In our area, we had Tastee Freeze and not DQ's. Let me tell you, that was one of the best sundaes I've ever had. Yum!

The down side to the day was the wind. It was very windy, blowing a lot of pine and ash pollen around. Apparently, I am highly allergic to those two pollens as I was a real mess last night. I told Jim that I am no longer walking with him on windy days. Come On, Wind!!

Today was my last day at Women of Spirit. We finished our study book last week and today we did our mission project. Each quarter of the year, these gals take on a different project. This time, they chose a group called Lullaby Connection who provide newborn layettes to homeless and other needy babies. Each layette contains a new outfit, hat, booties, receiving blanket and two diapers. What a wonderful ministry this is. Well, you can just imagine how much fun we ladies had shopping for this shower.

This is just one of the three tables which were laden with gifts from the W.O.S. Added to the goodies was a whole cart of brand new baby clothes brought in by the pre school and Kindergarten sponsored by the church. The speaker, who is the director of the charity, was just overwhelmed, notice the box of tissues on the table.

The story behind this group is just beautiful. This totally volunteer organization was started because the director, while doing volunteer work in a local hospital, watched a young mother wrap her baby in her sweater to take it home from the hospital. VOILA! Lullaby Connection was begun.

I am so moved by this. My head has been spinning with ideas where we can help in some capacity such as this in our own little corner of the world. Sunday, Pastor finished his sermon series on grace. He said that grace should make us generous. I sure hope that's true in my life. If you haven't read Cheryl's post today, please do.

~Hippo Hugs~


Nancy said...

What a peaceful spot you found!!! Skipping stones...haven't done that since I was a kid! And that blue lagoon is gorgeous!!!

Oh, my gosh! That Lullaby Connection! What a wonderful idea and great group to do such a sweet thing for needy babies! I'm sure you will start something similar back in your area when you return. There are so many people who need help these days....

Great post, Pam!

((( HUGS )))

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Pam,

Oh, a wrong number at 6 AM would make me grouchy as well!

Love the beautiful Blue Lagoon! And I love skipping stones in the river here, but my grandchildren are better at it than I!

It must have been windy everywhere in the last couple of days! But today was a beautiful day in the Ozarks, 67 degrees and lots of sunshine. After I came home from our Wednesday Chinese Buffet day, I spent the afternoon bee-bopping in the woods with my two dogs.

And the Lullaby Connection is a wonderful project! I will have to suggest it to the Parish Council Ladies here.

Happy April!



Cheryl Wray said...

Our UMW group at church has done a layette project in the past (I think they were shipped overseas?). It was such a cool thing, because you are all working together to make a difference. Thanks for sharing your story and project; SO inspirational!!!!!

And I just loved the rest of the post too...especially the wonderful photos!!

Cheryl Wray said...

And thanks for the shout-out. You're too sweet!

Midlife Mom said...

That is such a wonderful ministry. To think of a young mother leaving the hospital with her baby wrapped in a sweater just breaks my heart. I'm surprised the hospital would let her leave under those conditions. Can you imagine where she would live?! How lovely to have a nice new outfit for the baby, a boost to the mom and nice for the baby.

So excited to hear that you are going to start horseback riding! Yes, take it slow and ask for a nice gentle bombproof horse to start on. You will love it, and you will get very attached to the horse! Have carrots and treats handy! lol!

Faye said...

What lovely photos much I'd love to jump into that Blue Lagoon :)
What a special way to bless new Mom's who struggle me ideas for something we can do with our Ladies group...thanks :)

Leslie said...

The blue lagoon looks very inviting...can you swim there when it's warm?

Giving to others, what a wonderful thing and I love the Lullaby clever...a new baby that will receive something new and special...I love that.
I enjoyed reading your post...POSITIVE vibes.


Monogram Queen said...

Hope you are feeling better Pam, the pollen has finally gotten to me a bit too.
I am laughing over the kids being "your babies" in the middle of the night! Reilly is "my dog" when he has to go out and it's cold/raining etc. LOL
What a wonderful group and a wonderful way to carry out for babies in need.
Oh my, between you & Cheryl I am getting weepy today!

Winifred said...

Oh my 6am and a wrong number. Have to say I would have let it ring. I only get out of bed before 8 am to let the cat out!

Your photos are lovely, how blue was that lagoon! Gorgeous.

That Lullaby Connection is a wonderful idea.

Tracy said...

The Blue Lagoon is beautiful! I really don't believe you're really ever coming back.
The Lullaby connection sounds like a wonderful project.
Oh, and as I crawled into bed at 10:30 PM the night of April Fools day I discovered my bed was short-sheeted. Thanks, Kaylyn.

pam said...

I had totally forgotten about skipping stones! We used to do that for hours as kids. I will have to give it a try this summer:)

The lagoon is stunning!

See you again soon.